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How to Identify Collectible Enamel

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Historical Background of Enamel Collectibles First used on small pieces of jewelry, enamel is not paint but a thin coat of glass. Once applied to a metal and heated to high temperatures, will melt and become fused to the metal. This is similar to how ceramic glazes adhere to pottery. Pure gold, silver and copper […]

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Understand and Valuate Expressionist Art

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The Fascination of Mid Century Modern Art Why does Mid Century modern art continue to be popular, and why have collectors embraced its look so emphatically? These pieces were innovative for their time, and remain so. They elicit an emotional spark in the viewer. History and value of expressionist art Abstract Expressionism developed in the […]

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Lithiographs, Giclees, and Serigraphs- Oh My! How much are antique prints worth and how to tell them apart?

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Antique prints are a popular collectible; they are a good representation of history and showcase beautiful fine art. As they were more affordable than an artist original work, they were not as rare, and many people find them in auction sales and inherited estate collections. Fine antique print mostly retains their value over time if […]

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