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Tips To Value Antique Gold And Fine Jewelry

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Valuing antique gold and fine jewelry can be difficult- marks can vary based on age and how can you tell if a stone is a real diamond or not? When you are looking to sell your family heirloom jewelry, you want to make sure you are getting a fair price from a dealer. Here are […]

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Quoted: on the Value of Asian and Silver Antiques

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Last week, I was honored to be quoted in an expert article on the value of certain antiques written in Long Live Your Money. Various commonly owned or inherited antiques were discussed, including the ones I gave information on. These were Asian antiques (Asian art, Chinese snuff bottles, etc.) and of course, sterling silver antiques […]

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Silver Markings: What do they Mean and How do I find Out

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What do Silver Markings Mean Have you ever wondered what the tiny words or numbers mean on the jewelry or silver that you own or that has been passed down in your family? The silver that is in your cabinet space that you have been holding onto for years has a unique story to tell. […]

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Russian Icons: History Of Russian Icon Art Characteristics

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Icons, a characteristic and symbolic part of Russian culture, have their roots back in the year 988 AD. It was the year that Kievan Rus’ converted to Christianity. For more that 1,000 years, the Greek division of Christian faith, Orthodox Christianity, educated and formed both cultural and spiritual basis of the Russian society. This led […]

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