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  • Apr 25 / 2017
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Antique Collection

Steps on How to Deal with an Antique Buyer and Get the Most for Your Collections

If you plan to sell your antique collection at an estate sale, antique shop, or other private sale, you may have to deal with the antique buyer directly. This can be a difficult exchange, as you’ll want to maximize the sale price while the buyer aims to lower it. Fortunately, if you follow a few tips, you can successfully deal with an antique buyer while you get the most for your collection.

Know What You’re Selling

When an antique buyer is interested in one of your pieces, you need to have all the information they require to make a purchasing decision. For this reason, it is important that you know the history of the object. Don’t make a potential buyer do research on their own. Instead, have all of the information that they might need available for them.

Antique Table

Be Honest

To build credibility with an antique buyer, it is important that you are honest and upfront about your product. Don’t fabricate a far-fetched story about your antiques to make them sound more interesting. There’s a good chance that the buyer has already done some research about the item and will catch you in your lie, and the sale will likely be off. You are much more likely to have success in moving your items if you stick to the truth.


Give the Buyer Some Space

Whether the buyer is in your home during an estate sale or you communicated over the phone about an antique you wish to sell, it is important to give him space. Give him a chance to inspect the item, learn more about it, and appreciate on his own. Hovering, too much chatter, and excessive sales pitches can push away a potential customer.

antique shop

Don’t Feel Compelled to Take the First Offer

Sure, it is exciting to finally get an offer for your antiques. However, if it is a low offer and well below the value, you don’t have to take it. There are plenty of buyers and avenues to sell your antique collection, so don’t be scared into selling if your first offer is low.

Antique Silver

Research the Value

As the seller, it is important that you know the value of your items before your first meeting with a potential customer. You don’t want a savvy buyer to talk you into a deal worth much less than the actual value of your item. Do your research ahead of time so that you know what a good offer is when it comes time to negotiate.

One of the best ways to determine how to price your antiques is to bring them in to us at Sarasota Antique Buyers. We specialize in providing customers with a value analysis of antiques, telling you what the item would likely sell for at an auction. If you want to sell and skip the headache of finding another buyer, we’ll place a bid just under that value. Contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer.

  • Apr 17 / 2017
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Antique Paintings

Good Places to Sell Original Paintings Online? In Brandon | Lakeland | Ellenton

Selling an antique painting can be a lengthy and painstaking process. You have to market it correctly, field calls from interested parties, and make sure it is properly showcased. You have to figure out how to protect it when someone comes to view it, and how to present it in a way that highlights its attributes while keeping it from harm.

Antique painting buyers can be notoriously fickle, and you may find yourself having to deal with missed appointments, early (or late) arrivals, and so on. Then on top of all that you have to deal with haggling over the price. To sell original art online or in person, truly requires a special breed of person. Yet, if you want to sell your original pieces online, there is help out there for you. Here is more information.

Antique painting buyers

Sometimes the hardest part is finding the correct forum

Finding the best spot to sell your paintings online takes a little more work than simply going to a search engine and typing “where can I sell paintings online” into the search box. You must be able to ferret out the legitimate marketplaces from those populated with people who don’t know what they are doing.

It takes patience to get this done, but there are a few things you can do to help in the process. First, you may want to go to a message board or other Internet forum dedicated to buying and selling original paintings online. Spend some time browsing through the posts, and you’ll be surprised at what you pick up.

You may not ever need to even make a post, but, if you do, you can rest assured that most people there are happy to help. Just introduce yourself and tell them you have a painting you’d like to sell, and you’re wondering if they have any recommendations.

selling original Paintings Online

Do your own homework

While it’s great to get advice and tips from other people, at the end of the day you’ll want to make sure you do your homework. Contact the place that you think may be the spot to sell your painting. Ask questions—lots of them.

Find out how they run their sales: do they have a policy for cancellations? What do they do to protect you as a seller from buyers who might make a bid and then balk at actually making the purchase? Do they have any sort of insurance? Do they prefer that you take photos of the painting yourself, or do they have a professional in the area they use for that?

You can never get too much information, and by finding out how the place works, you’ll have the added bonus of being able to determine how seasoned they are in the world of online painting sales. The choice to sell your painting online is a big one, and one that you should only commit to once you are completely comfortable with the process, and with the forum you will be using.

  • Apr 13 / 2017
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Antique Gold and Jewelry

Should I Sell My Antique Gold And Jewelry Now or Wait Longer?

If you collect antique gold and jewelry, you may have heard that the value of these items changes on almost a day-to-day basis. This can make it difficult if you want to sell your items, as you may question whether it is better to sell now or to wait. While a trip to a professional jeweler or antique dealer can give you some guidance on current and future market trends, there are other important factors that you can consider on your own.

Understand the Value of Gold

For thousands of years, gold has been one of the world’s most valuable substances. Originally used as a currency, gold is still highly valued today due to its rarity, and there are many reasons that the substance has had enduring value. Gold is stable and does not rust, and it can easily be shaped into jewelry, coins, and other valuables. This malleability led to the creation of a variety of items that are considered prized antiques in today’s market.

Antique Gold

Remember that Gold Prices Fluctuate

The value of gold is tough to pinpoint because the price fluctuates constantly. Gold is traded on
numerous financial markets, and if you want to sell your gold or gold jewelry today, you need to be concerned about the spot price, or the current price for which gold may be bought and sold. This is different from future prices, which are prices that are based on the predicted gold values.

Value of Gold

Consider Your Financial Situation

Once you have a better idea about the current price of gold, you’ll need to consider your financial position when you decide whether or not to sell. The best time to sell your gold or gold jewelry is when you need the money, and if you sell your pieces today, you’ll get cash that you can spend in other places. In some cases, you may be able to take the money gained by selling your gold and jewelry and invest it elsewhere for an even higher return.

Gold Prices Fluctuate

Talk to an Antique Dealer

If you are still confused as to whether or not you should sell your antique gold and jewelry today – or to wait it out – talk to a reputable antique dealer. These antique professionals know about the trends in gold and jewelry values, and they will know what the market looks like today. They may be able to provide a historical analysis of the value of gold over the years so that you can know if the current market is at a high or low point.

Consider Your Financial Situation

Antique dealers like Sarasota Antique Buyers can also provide you with a value of your items – or what they would sell for should you take them to an auction today. If you are happy with the value and choose to sell immediately, we can provide a bid that is just under that value. You’ll know that you got a great deal and will leave with money in your pocket. Call us today to learn more.

  • Apr 07 / 2017
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Antique Art

What to Do When You Want to Sell Your Art? In Englewood | Fort Myers | Tampa

Part of collecting art is knowing when to sell it. Part of selling it is knowing how to find art buyers, especially if you are not an official art dealer who has an established client list. Fortunately, antique art buyers are not all that difficult to locate, particularly if you are selling art in a specific niche. You can easily find fine art buyers by using newsgroups, bulletin boards, and discussion groups on various websites. If you are more interested in local art buyers, you can use either the Internet or other more traditional means such as local groups meeting at a nearby art gallery, newspaper classified ads, or even the Yellow Pages.

Sometimes a simple Google search is all you need

Depending on where you want to sell your art—and depending on how esoteric your pieces are—you
may be able to easily locate interested buyers with a simple Google search. This is particularly true if your art is able to be shipped across the country (or even internationally).

Search for Art

Even if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for with a Google search, chances are you’ll get some results that are at least somewhat relevant. Visit some of the newsgroups or chat rooms that come up, or go post some things on a bulletin board. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many art collectors are willing to help you find the right market for your pieces.

Ask for referrals

If you don’t see what you’re looking for in an online search, consider turning to your network of buyers and sellers with whom you already do business. Let them know that you are looking to move some pieces, and let them know a little bit about the pieces you are selling.

People in art gallery

While these people themselves may not be in the market for what you’re selling, there is a very good chance that they will have other contacts who may be. Don’t be afraid to leverage your network of contacts to find a buyer—after all, you and the buyer are really after the same thing: the transfer of the art from you to them. So, using mutual friends to get it done is perfectly fine.

Learning more about your market

If you’re having a hard time finding buyers interested in your pieces, consider whether you may be
targeting the wrong market. For example, if you are selling a sculpture, but the people you usually do business with only collect paintings, it makes sense that you would have a hard time moving your pieces.

Antique Art Museum

Visit your local art museum and talk to one of the curators. You will likely find that these people know someone who would be interested in looking at your pieces. If nothing else, you can get a good idea of the amount of interest the market will bear at this particular time.

Selling your art should not be an onerous process. It can take some time, and require some legwork on your end, but at the end of the day you should be able to find a buyer who is interested in what you are selling.

  • Apr 04 / 2017
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Antique Jewelry

What You Need To Know to Get The Most For Your Diamonds, Gold, and Jewelry?

Do you have antique, vintage, or estate jewelry that you are ready to sell? You’ve likely held onto your pieces for some time, so you’ll want to get the most for your collection. While a professional is your best resource for determining how to price your pieces, there are a few things that can help ensure you are getting the best possible return.

Jewelry Style

Jewelry is an industry driven by style. Some styles are classic and will stay around for decades – even centuries – while others come and go in a matter of months. Estate jewelry that is out of style won’t necessarily command a premium price. Some styles are so out of favor that the only value of a piece will be its intrinsic worth – the value of the metal itself and any gemstones the piece might contain.

The 4 Cs of Diamonds

A diamond’s value is based on several factors, and industry professionals use a set of guidelines which can establish the exact desirability and quality of a diamond. According to the Gemological Institute of America, these guidelines – or the 4 Cs – are the basis for estimating diamond value and include:

  •   Cut
  •   Color
  •   Clarity
  •   Carat

Karat Stamps

When determining the price for a piece of jewelry, it is important to search for a karat stamp. This is normally found on the inner surface of a ring or by the clasp of a bracelet or necklace. If a stamp shows 24-karat gold, your piece is pure and likely worth nearly the current price of the metal. More than likely, your piece will be 14-karat gold, which means it is about 58% pure. You’ll need almost twice as much weight in order to receive the same gold content and value.

If you can’t find a stamp, it may mean that your item isn’t gold. In other cases, the piece may have been cleaned, filed, and sized so much that the stamp has worn away, which is especially true of old, antique pieces. Fortunately, you can quickly determine if it an item is gold by exposing it to a household magnet. Gold isn’t magnetic, so if the item sticks, you likely don’t have a gold piece.

Get a Professional Opinion

If you have estate or antique jewelry that you want to sell, it is important that you consult with a professional before you accept an offer. A jeweler might be able to tell you the value of your piece, but many won’t offer you cash for your piece. Instead, they’ll offer a trade-in in the hopes that you become a customer. Auction houses may be able to provide you an estimate, and you can do research online to find out more about your individual piece.

At Sarasota Antique Buyers, we have the expertise that you need to value your diamond, gold, and jewelry collection. We’ll provide you with a value estimate of what we believe your items would sell for at auction. If you are ready to sell, we will place a bid just under that valuation, giving you money in your pocket right away.