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  • Nov 27 / 2019
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Antique Art, Modern Art

American art appraisers : The specialists in the art of appraisal

Whether collecting coins, antique pieces, fine wines or abstract paintings, art is an asset with each piece being one of its kind and so, is valuable. A great deal of time and money goes in defining each piece from the very first drop of skill. Then, a compilation of your collection costs you a lot of dedication and investment. It makes sense to keep tabs on the investment you make with each of your addition, even when you do it out of personal passion.

It is important to know what you own and then, know the value of what you own. Whether an appraisal is being done for an insurance policy, tax purposes or to dividing property in a divorce, it is crucial to find reliable and professional American art collectors.

American Art Appraisal

The right first few steps:

  • 1. Start from finding someone with broad and deep knowledge about the kind of American paintings you collect. You can, of course, go ahead by asking referrals from your lawyers or wealth management advisers. But, check for the appraiser’s qualifications. Reputable professionals are affiliated with at least one of the three major appraisal organizations.
  • 2. The appraisers often, not always examine collection or item to determine the condition. This is done to determine a value and conduct a research of previous sales of similar works allowing to assess the painting thoroughly. But, at times appraisal can be done from photographs and other documentation that needs to be disclosed on the appraisal report.
  • 3. Truly understand the value of your collection as depending on the type of appraisal you need, the opinion varies. Work with an appraiser who understands the difference between an appraisal for estate plans and market value while considering your goals. Your ticket to maintain an intelligent collection comes from working with experts and then, becoming an expert yourself. For this, you need to have keen eyes and having the experts to work on your side.
  • 4. Have a regular appraisal and a condition report every 7to 10 years. This condition report is an update on state of cleanliness of your collection. Just because your Paul Sample paintings look like a winter evening scene, doesn’t mean it was intended to be one. Open doors to better understand the history and confirming its creator by having the painting cleaned. It is good to have a new insight into the style of the work.
  • 5. American art collectors can help you in maintaining and defining a collection. If you have a Antonio Jacobsen Ship painting on mind, you can send them an email full of photos and they will give you their best guess. Working with appraisers when you want to upgrade your collection with distinct pieces gives a current state of a piece with authenticity. For instance, you can have an American art appraisers assess the condition when you want the seller to clean the work before and commitment of buying it. Appraisers are a resource to further define your collection with the ideas on what to focus on with upcoming purchases.

Most of all, go with equally enthusiastic collectors. There is a distinct glow in the eyes when you see a charming piece of work and so, have interested American art collectors while helping you expand, reduce or evaluate your collection.

  • Nov 21 / 2019
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antique bronzes, asian bronzes, bronze ancient history, Bronze Sculpture

How and where to sell my Antique Bronze Collection | Naples | Fort Myers | Orlando

You’ve spent years adding items to your antiqued bronze collection, and now you’re ready to cash in on your investment. However, you might not have any idea where to start. Now that you have this beautiful collection, what should you do to actually make money off of it?

Know What Your Item is Worth

In order to make money off of your antiqued bronze collection, you first need to know what it is worth. Most auction houses will offer on­site specialists with experience in a wide range of collectibles, and antique dealers could give you an idea about the authenticity and value of your items

At Sarasota Antique Buyers, we tell you exactly how much your collection is worth with a comprehensive market analysis rather than evaluation. This will give you an idea of what your antiques would sell for in an auction setting. If you are interested in selling, we are glad to make you an offer…

Consider Selling Your Items at an Auction

Once you get an idea about the value of your antique, an auction house may be a good next step, especially because auction houses love selling collections. Every major city has at least one auction house, the big cities like New York have many, Christies, Bonhams, Sothebys and Phillips to name a few and if your item has a high enough value, it will be placed into a specialist sale. After the sale, the auction house will contact you to confirm if your antiqued bronze item was sold successfully.


Don’t Jump at the First Offer

When you get an offer for your antiqued bronze collection, it is normal to get excited about the prospect of having sold it. However, you shouldn’t jump at the first offer. Don’t allow any potential buyer to rush you to make a decision, as selling your collection for the right price is worth the hassle. Do your due diligence to ensure that you are getting a good deal before you commit to making a sale.

Sell it Online

Once you know what your antiques are worth, your best option might be to sell them on an online auction site. This is usually a good idea if they have a moderate value. Sites like eBay and other similar services are a great way to promote and sell your items on your own without getting a third party involved. Just make sure that when you post an ad that you include photos and detailed information for potential buyers. You should also consider the value of your items…

Visit an Antique Show

If you need more information about the value of your antique bronze collection, take a trip to a local antique show to see if any similar items are being sold. Having conversations with other people who are selling similar items can help you to make calculated decisions when you sell your own personal collection.

Antique bronze

Don’t sell your antique bronze collection for less than it is worth. Call us at Sarasota Antique Buyers to get an accurate market analysis.

  • Nov 18 / 2019
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Antique Jewelry

A Few Simple Steps for Cleaning Antique Jewelry | St Petersburg | Orlando | Clearwater

If you collect antique jewelry, one of the best ways to maximize the value of your pieces is to keep your items clean and beautiful. However, a general household cleaner won’t do when it comes to cleaning these items. You’ll need to take special care and specific precautions to clean your antique jewelry thoroughly while you minimize the risk of damage. Keep these tips in mind as you go about the process.

Examine Your Jewelry for Damage before You Clean

Before you start to clean your antique jewelry, take some time to inspect it. If there are any loose settings or stones, they should be tightened before you attempt to polish your item. Dust and grit that may have accumulated on your jewelry should also be removed by hand before you start to clean.

Choose the Right Cleaning Solution

There are a lot of products out there that claim to be safe for antique jewelry, but some are better than other. It is important to consider the cleaning solution that you choose wisely, as you’ll want to pick one that doesn’t contain ammonia, acids, or alcohol. Make sure you read the label on any product before you use it. Ensure the product is designated for your particular piece. For example, you shouldn’t use cleaner specified for rhinestone jewelry on your antique gold ring.

cleaning solution of antiques

Use a Toothbrush

A toothbrush or soft makeup brush is a good tool for cleaning your jewelry. First, use a dry brush to lightly dust off the surface. Then, use some of your jewelry cleaner, and gently scrub the surface of your piece with the brush. While you’ll need to use enough solution to ensure the job is done properly, try not to get the piece too wet. A Q-tip can be useful to get dirt out of small crevices and other hard-to-reach areas.

Allow Your Jewelry to Dry Completely

Remember that when it comes to preserving your antique jewelry, moisture is the enemy. Make sure your pieces have time to dry completely before you put them away. For the best results, consider drying your jewelry upside down or in a hanging position so that moisture will flow away from the piece. Otherwise, it could accumulate within the settings.

Polish Gently

A soft polish can help your antique jewelry to shine, but it should be applied with a specialized polishing clothes. They are relatively inexpensive and can make even an old piece of jewelry look like new within a matter of minutes.

Antique polished ring buyers

There is no general rule for how often you should clean your jewelry. If you wear an item often, you may want to clean it on a weekly basis. For antique pieces that you don’t wear regularly, fewer cleaning sessions will be needed, but you should be sure to clean the item before you try to sell it.

If you have a prized antique jewelry collection, feel free to bring it in to us at Sarasota Antique Buyers. We can help determine the value, and if you are ready to sell, will place a bid just under this dollar amount. Call us today for more information.

  • Nov 13 / 2019
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antique bronze

Bronze Figure Sculptures – What to Know Before You Buy

Bronze figure sculptures are a beautiful addition to your fine art collection. Bronze sculptures have long been recognized by collectors as the gold standard for durable fine art, especially when it comes to pieces that have survived through the centuries. However, bronze sculpture buyers would be well-advised to consider a few more things before taking the plunge and buying a piece. Here is what you need to know.

Bronze Figure Sculptures

Bronze sculptures can be duplicated

If you are looking for a unique piece, you should be aware that it’s possible to reproduce a sculpture. As you may know, bronze sculptures are created using a rubber mold that was fashioned off an original sculpture (usually the original is created using a softer material such as wood).

Usually, the rubber mold is destroyed after a run of sculptures is completed. However, if more than one version of your piece was cast, you never know whether the owner of the other piece may use it to create another rubber mold—and then begin pumping out duplications of the piece.

Because of this, if you are truly looking for something that is unique, you will need to acquire a sculpture that was created as a one-of-a-kind piece. That way you can control access to it, and ensure that nobody ever uses it to create a rubber mold.

Bronze Piece worth

Don’t skimp on the appraisal process

If you are serious about acquiring a piece that is valuable, original, and unique, you absolutely must have an appraiser closely inspect whatever piece you are considering. This is not a step to skimp on, as only a qualified appraiser can truly give you an accurate idea of a given piece’s worth. Plus, a trained professional knows what to look for to ensure that the piece you are looking at is an original and not a reproduction that was fashioned at a later date.


Bronze is a great investment

In spite of the initial concerns you may have, rest assured that adding a bronze piece to your collection is a great way to add life and variety. Bronze holds its value very well and you won’t have to worry about trying to limit its exposure to light or the environment.

Also, if you are not concerned with obtaining an original, you may want to think about obtaining a smaller replica of an original. There are some very detailed and high-quality replicas of famous pieces available; consider adding one of these to your collection for a nice change-up in the feel.

Finally, remember that bronze pieces can have a high degree of utility, too. Some art pieces are so fragile that they can only be put on display—and then only in a protected environment. Fortunately, this is not the case when it comes to bronze. Bronze has the strength and durability necessary to stand up to the rigors of everyday use. To this end, you may want to consider something that will actually become a useful part of your setting, such as a lamp base or the body of a clock.

  • Nov 11 / 2019
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Antique Silver, antique silver bowls, antique silver buyers, antique sterling silver, Sterling silver

A Guide to Assist You Gauge the Worth of Your Antique Sterling Silver

If you’ve recently purchased a set of antique silver or inherited some pieces, you’re probably wondering if what you have is valuable. The good news is that no matter what type of silver you have, you do have pieces that will look great, even if they’re tarnished now. The bad news is that these pieces may not actually be worth as much as you’d like. In order to gauge how much your silver is worth, there are a few things you have to determine.

Silver Items

Is it Real Silver?

The first thing to determine when approximating your antique silver’s worth is whether or not what you have is actually real silver. If it is, you do have valuable pieces. If it’s not, you have some pieces that look great but aren’t worth as much. In order to determine this, you need to clean up the pieces using tarnish remover or one of the many home solutions out there.

Sterling Silver

Now you want to carefully search the piece for specific markings. If you can’t find any, what you have is likely silverplate. It looks nice, but it’s not true silver. Instead, it’s something such as copper that has been plated with a thin coat of silver. If the piece is fairly lightweight, that’s another sign that it’s plated.

If, on the other hand, you find the word “Sterling” stamped on the item, then you do have a piece of sterling silver.

Look for Additional Markings

Antique marking

If your piece was made after 1850 in the U.S., it will be marked with one of three things. The first is simply the word Sterling. It may also be marked as .925 or as 925/1000. If it’s simply Sterling, you likely have a piece that is pure silver. If you find one of the two numbers, then what you have is 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper.

Very Old Pieces

Old silver piece

If you believe you have true antique sterling silver that was made before 1850, it won’t have a mark on it. However, there is something you can do to test it. You’ll need to consult with a silver expert, though. These professionals can do an acid test that will show if the piece is true silver or not. Don’t attempt to do any type of testing on your own—you could damage your piece, decreasing its value!

Determining the Pattern

If you find that your piece does have a silver mark on it, you can search online to see if you can determine the manufacturer or the pattern. This can take some time, but there are a number of websites out there that include many high resolution images of different silver patterns that you can compare yours to. You may even get lucky and find a hallmark on the silver. This is a small image used by the manufacturer to mark the piece. A quick online search should tell you who that manufacturer was, making your task much easier.

Silver Pattern

Of course, you can always take your piece to a silver professional. These experts will be able to help you quickly determine the value of your pieces.