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Effective Ways to Conduct Antique Estates | Tampa | Longboat Key | St Petersburg

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If you have a large number of antiques in your home that you want to sell off – or if a family member has passed away and left a sizeable estate – an estate sale is a great choice for liquidating these items. Conducting an antique estate sale is far more complicated that holding a […]

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Key Tactics the Pros Use to Value Antique Jewelry Collections | Lido Key | Bird Key | Osprey

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If you have an antique jewelry collection, it is understandable that you’re interested in how much it is worth. Professional antique dealers and jewelers will look for a variety of factors when determining the value of your items, and by knowing these important aspects, you can get a better idea about what your collection is […]

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How and where to sell my Antique Bronze Collection | Naples | Fort Myers | Orlando

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You’ve spent years adding items to your antiqued bronze collection, and now you’re ready to cash in on your investment. However, you might not have any idea where to start. Now that you have this beautiful collection, what should you do to actually make money off of it? Know What Your Item is Worth In […]

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