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How Do Estate Liquidations Work?

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Being the premiere company for estate liquidations in Sarasota means we have an obligation to the public to help them understand how this, sometimes esoteric, process works. The reasons why a person might decide to liquidate their assets or sell a property are many, and can occur at various points in someone’s life. Maybe a […]

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Is Estate Liquidation the Right Choice for You?

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Are you familiar with all of the benefits of estate liquidations and when it’s best to have one for your Orlando property? If you need to empty out a property, or sell off belongings or antique collection, then this is the service you need. But what does it entail, and how does it work? Do […]

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Where is the Best Place to Sell Antique Gold Jewelry?

When you need to sell antique gold jewelry, whether it’s a small piece or even a private collection, it is not as simple as selling something in the St. Petersburg paper, taking it to a pawn shop, or even putting it on an online website such as Craigslist or Ebay. This type of sale can […]

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What is Vintage and Estate Jewelry?

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When you sell or buy antiques from the Venice area, there are so many types and styles, which originate from so many countless sources, that it’s often difficult to tell them apart.  To see a good example of how confusing a single focus area can be, we need only look at vintage and estate jewelry.  […]

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