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Should I Sell My Antique Gold and Jewelry Now or Wait? 

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If you collect ancient gold and jewelry, you may have heard that the value of these items changes on almost a day-to-day basis. This can make it difficult if you want to sell your items, as you may question whether it is better to sell them now or wait. A trip to a professional jeweler […]

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Real Comparison Between Antique Evaluation V/S Appraisal V/S Liquidation?

  Whether you are looking to sell the antique estate your “Aunt Sadie” willed you or the treasured antiques you’ve been collecting for years, you’ll need to know some important but potentially confusing terms. From antique evaluation and antique appraisals to liquidation, both antique buyers and sellers need not only to understand what the words […]

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“Who Buys Antiques Near Me?” Discover the Best Antique Buyers Near You

Regardless of if it’s a prized piece of jewelry you have finally decided to let go of or some art your distant relative left you, when you’re going to sell antiques, you’ll want to get the best return for it. Local antique buyers come a dime a dozen. You are likely to find tons of […]

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