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A well-maintained antique furniture item can fetch a very high price. If you have such a piece and want to sell it, come to Sarasota Antique Buyers to get the best price. We offer cash that reflects the real worth of the item. Antique furniture is in high demand now, because of its elaborate work, craftsmanship and unique qualities.

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Furniture made during a certain period such as the 17th or 18th century from fine wood such as oak, pine, and teak are highly valued. Many such items like Antique Chests, Antique tables etc., come for a family estate’s. Some items were specifically made for a purpose or according to special requirements hence they have a beauty that cannot be found in modern furniture pieces. That’s why you should be careful of various factors when selling an antique furniture piece. Come to us for a free evaluation. We will tell you how old the furniture item is, who manufactured it and will give a price that cannot be matched by anyone else in the market.

Many items are rarity now as they were made only during a particular time period. Huge cabinets or drawer chests are no longer produced in the same way today. Antique wardrobe furniture is particularly very elaborate with many shelves and secret compartments – features that you cannot imagine in a modern piece today. Hence, such items command a very high price. Over the years, we have accumulated the most fascinating furniture items and specifically look for unique pieces that cannot be obtained in the market.

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We are headquartered in Sarasota, but you can also avail our services in Orlando, Tampa, Bradenton, Lakeland or St. Petersburg. We have extensive experience in dealing with antique furniture and have been in this business for the past 22 years. We value antique sideboards, tables or rosewood furniture items by looking into many factors, so you can be sure of getting a high value when you come to us. Plain or ornamental, we offer pricing that can not be matched by no one else. Even if the item is not in good condition, we offer very handsome price for it. All the antique furniture items purchased by us are well-maintained till they can find a buyer who loves such items and wants to make it a part of their collection. Hence by selling to us, you can be sure that your precious antique is in good hands.

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