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The market for Chinese antiques is vast and buyers rush to purchase such items because of their unique look and intricate features. The kind of skill that went into making these items cannot be found today. If you have such antique chinese art items and are wondering where to sell them, come to us right away to get the best price for them. You will get a value that reflects the true worth of the item. We are headquartered in Sarasota, but our services are also livable in Orlando, Lakeland, Tampa, Englewood, Ellenton, Palmetto, Bradenton and St. Petersburg.

Who Is A Reputable Buyer Near Me? Who Buys Precious Chinese Antiques? We are the answer to these questions…Sarasota Antique Buyers

Chinese antiques are available in so many forms such as vases, screens, paintings, figurines etc. The value of an item depends on their age. Special features also enhance its worth. We will tell you the price of your antiques based on factors such as…when it was made, artist who created it, condition of the item and so on. It does not matter if the item is in mint condition or it has some minor defects, we will still buy it. When you come to us, apart from being privy to our knowledge and expertise, you gain so much more by selling your precious antique to us.

  • We are renowned collectors of Chinese antiques and are specifically looking for such pieces. Hence your item will be in good hands once it comes to us.
  • We will give a price unmatched by any dealer because we determine the value of an antique based on many factors, not just it’s weight.
  • Over the years, we have amassed a huge collection of Chinese antiques and sold some to interested collectors who use it for public display in galleries. Hence we are experts in the field.
  • Cut the hassle of looking for a good dealer by coming to us. We make the selling process easy.
  • If you cannot come to our store to show the antique, send us a picture along with a good description and we will get back to you with the price. We visit you at your home in case the piece requires further inspection and offer instant cash there and then.

Fabulous antique Chinese screens or antique Chinese vases will fetch a very high price. There are collectors all over the world looking for such items because of their beauty and unique design. Most people don’t know the value of their antiques and many are not even aware that the Chinese item they own is an antique, till they look at it closely. If you go to an ordinary dealer, you may not get a good value on the item, owing to the lack of knowledge. Come to Sarasota Antique Buyers to get the best price and a great deal on the antique like nowhere else.

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