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Estate liquidators can assist you with selling any belongings on your Orlando property, whether they are antiques, furniture, jewelry, tableware, art, or anything else. Many reasons may necessitate you selling off a property and everything in it, but whatever the circumstances, it is always stressful. Fortunately, Sarasota Antique Buyers can help.

Why Choose Estate Liquidators?

Antique Estate Liquidators

Why choose professional assistance over other methods? Do any of these circumstances resemble yours?

Inheritance – This includes those who have inherited a lot of belongings, a collection of art of furniture, or even an entire home from a deceased friend or loved one. This can be a difficult and often trying time for you, and the last thing you need is to worry about what to do with all of this stuff.

Downsizing – Many scenarios would dictate the need for downsizing. This includes moving an older family member into a retirement home or assisted living facility, moving into a smaller, more manageable home, or even moving cross country. And downsizing doesn’t have to mean moving. Maybe you’re selling off a collection, having a baby, and need to create a safer home environment, or perhaps you want a change of pace. There are even circumstances where the last tenants of your rental property left and abandoned their things there, which you need to get rid of. Whatever the reason, our Orlando estate liquidators can help.

There is no need to attempt to sell everything at a private garage or yard sale event. Not only is this a huge undertaking to put on yourself, but you end up selling all your items for pennies on the dollar. Similarly, trying to host an estate auction on the premises can be incredibly stressful when doing it yourself. And for both of these options, getting the word out about your event is near impossible- you end up going through all that work and cleanup only to sell off less than 1/3 of the property.

However, when you choose to work with Orlando’s premiere real estate liquidators, we’ll do everything for you. We even work on a commission basis for auctions and liquidations, so you are guaranteed the best results and pay nothing out of pocket.

We’re here to assist you with:

  • Sorting what to sell and what you want to keep
  • Packing everything from dishes to furniture to statues
  • Moving everything out of the property
  • Selling the items to secure the highest profits for you and writing you a check afterwards

Additionally, our Orlando estate liquidators will handle all the marketing. With our large network of buyers, auction houses, and collectors, we can guarantee you the highest prices on your items. We also offer buyer services for those who want to forgo the trouble of a sale altogether. If you wish to expedite the process, we will evaluate your items and make you a cash offer upfront!

Appraisal Services

At Sarasota Antique Buyers, we are not only known for being outstanding estate liquidators here in Orlando. As our name implies, we are the area’s premiere antique buyer and dealer. With over 22 years of experience in the field, our name has become synonymous with expertise and knowledge of historical works. We love finding valuable artifacts where others have seen only ordinary items and have done so on countless occasions, earning us a reputation for our keen eye for detail.

We love discovering pieces of all sorts, and if you would like to learn how much a piece or collection you have is worth, our professionals can do just that. So whether you are downsizing, moving, or looking to sell individual antiques with estate liquidators, we can handle it all with the finesse that Orlando residents have come to expect from us.

What We Do

Recently, many people have been asking us how our liquidations and sales work; below, we have outlined the basic steps we will take:

How We Sell

Setup: During this stage, we will stage the house, prominently displaying the items for sale. We can remove the estate from our venue if necessary, as some areas do not allow estate sales to occur on-site. However, if your house is for sale, hosting the estate sale at your home is a great way to advertise!

Advertising: To make sure as many people as possible know about the sale, we will advertise through multiple venues, including online, print, and our customer base.

Sale: Our sales will typically last three days.

After the sale: Whatever is not sold will be removed by our auction company and put up for auction. We can get all of our supplies and clean up afterward, as well. Once everything is completed, we will provide a detailed statement (including a sales log) and the check for your sale proceeds.

The truth is that we might not sell all of your items in the estate sale.

Why not?

Some high-quality items will not obtain real value in an estate sale, so you will make less money than you should. If we were to find a Chagall painting or a 15th-century Asian bronze statue in your estate, an estate sale venue would not be the best place to sell the piece since many people looking at it will not understand its actual value. When this occurs, we will recommend an auction instead. Not only are our auctions international, but they will put your piece in a situation that allows the price to be driven up by multiple bidders.

At Sarasota Antique Buyers and Estate Liquidators, we are antique dealers, buyers, and auctioneers, so who better to determine the value of your estate before it is sold?

Buying Service

In addition to our estate liquidation sales and auctions, we also provide a buying service. This is best when a client needs to sell some items quickly to get cash immediately.

Initial Consultation

This is the most important part of the process. Your estate is a collection of items that have been collected over the years, and most estates have “sleepers,” items that are of great value but have not been identified.

So often, clients will call us after selling some of their items and find out they gave away the best pieces for a small amount of their actual value.
At Sarasota Antique Buyers, we use the 80-20 rule: You make 80% of your money out of 20% of your items. So make sure everything is appropriately appraised before you sell!

The initial consultation is free, and we recommend that you wait to throw out or give anything away until we have gone through everything! You never know what could be of value!

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