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Regardless of if you are downsizing or if you recently inherited a property, if you want to sell your personal items, it is imperative you hire the right estate liquidators. With over 22 years of experience buying, selling, and appraising antiques, you can rest assured that Siesta Key Antique Buyers will get you the highest price for your items.

As local dealers, we value and broker antiques such as statues, bronzes, silver, Asian, jewelry, watercolors, objets d’art, lithographs, and more. And we have an extensive network of auction houses worldwide in order to provide you with professional, discreet service that not many local businesses can offer. Our clients in Siesta Key know that we have a reputation of discovering diamonds in the rough; our years of experience has taught us that looks do not always matter when it comes to antiques. There has been countless times where we have visited someone’s home to appraise one item, just to find something they believed to be worthless end up being worth more than the original item we came to look at.

Estate Liquidators

As experienced and qualified estate liquidators in Siesta Key, we offer our clients two different options when it comes to selling their items. If you would like the process to be expedited in order to receive a quicker settlement, you can take advantage of our buyer’s service. If you choose this, we will offer you an amount beforehand, and then sell the items on our own time. However, if you don’t need the money right away, you may benefit more from our estate auction services. With this, we work on a commission basis, and hold auctions on our property; this can lead to higher prices, since people will be directly competing with one another for your items.

What Do We Buy?

Here at Siesta Key Antique Buyers, our name says it all: we love to buy antiques of all shapes and sizes and as estate liquidators, we get a unique opportunity to purchase some beautiful items all around the area. Some of our favorites include:

Sterling Silver is a classic item that is always in style. We buy vanity pieces, hollowware, tea sets, coins, pitchers, vases, trays, candlesticks, plates, flatware sets, watched, and even broken items. If you are unsure of its worth, come visit us to receive your free market appraisal.

Paintings and antique art are one of our favorites. As the leading estate liquidators in Siesta Key, we buy everything, including lithographs, oils, etchings, drawings, prints, maritime, impressionistic, American, and Asian. If your painting is too large, we can visit you at your home; call us today at 941-373-1234 to schedule an appointment.

Asian items are truly beautiful pieces, and as estate liquidators, we purchase many different kinds, such as:

  • Clothes: Robes and Kimonos
  • Carved stone
  • Carved jade
  • Bronze: urns, figures
  • Bamboo furniture
  • Hanging scrolls
  • Famille jaune. Famille noire. Famille vert. Famille rose. Blanc de chine.
  • Asian art
  • Porcelain: figures, chargers, urns, bowls

Objets d’art of the finest caliber are always available to buy and sell at Siesta Key Antique Buyers. Some of our favorites include:

  • Porcelain and bronze: Asian bronze figurines, Chinese porcelain, statuettes, tea sets
  • Asian: Architectural, People, Pottery, Warriors Animals, Netsuke
  • Fine clocks: French gilt bronze, fine English bracket, early renaissance, mystery, good French carriage, novelty, and Japanese
  • Miscellaneous: Large music boxes, clockwork toys, barometers, early scientific instruments, ship’s chronometers, singing bird tabatières, mechanical automata, and more!

Siesta Key Antique Buyers

It doesn’t matter if you have recently inherited a large amount of older objects that you have no use for, or if you are downsizing to a smaller home and need to sell some items, we can help you. As the best estate liquidators in Siesta Key, you can rest assured that we will sell your items for the best price possible. Even if you don’t think your items are valuable, you never know what hidden treasures you may have!

To get in touch with our expert estate liquidators, call us today at Siesta Key Antique Buyers at 941-373-1234.

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