What is Modern Art?

At Sarasota Antique Buyers, we know that the term “modern art” can be difficult to understand. It is such a broad term, and it seems like so many different artists could fall under this category. Unlike the more traditional Baroque period, where many of the paintings use the same colors and depict the same themes, modern paintings seem to be as diverse as possible.

Modern Art

The first thing you need to know about modern art is the time period assigned to it. An important distinction to make is the difference between modern and contemporary. Many people believe that modern should mean what is happening in the last 30 years, however this is untrue. The genre of modern paintings and sculptures took place beginning in the late 1800s and lasted until the mid-1900s. Contemporary work runs from the 1960s and ‘70s to present day.

So what is it? At Sarasota Antique Buyers, we know there are 4 crucial factors in defining this genre:

1. The artists were able to trust their visions of how their art should look
2. They began to express those inner visions by creating them
3. Very often, they used society and social issues as an influence or even as the subject
4. The artists of this time wanted to experiment as much as possible when it came to creating and producing their art

Artists of this time period range from the well-known names like Vincent van Gogh, Paul Cezanne, Pablo Picasso, and Henri Matisse to lesser known names such as Raoul Dufy, Jean Metzinger, and Maurice de Vlaminck.

What is Modern Art?So you have a piece of this kind? You might. Another important step in identifying that painting hanging in your Sarasota living room is to make sure it is an authentic piece of modern art. This period is very popular, so there are a lot of prints going around; in addition, many of the artists of this time did not sign their works. These two factors can make it difficult to know if the piece is legitimate. However, with the help of a certified antique dealer and buyer, you can be certain, and you can get the best price for your piece of modern art.

At Sarasota Antique Buyers, we offer free market analysis and we pay cash! We are also interested in buying modern art as shown in the picture above. For more information about our services, call us today at 941-373-1234.

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