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Probate Antique Estate Liquidators, Florida, USA

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I often talk about the way in which an antique tells a story. A story, which in some ways is more valuable than it’s bottom dollar. I like to say that an estate tells an epic, an opus, it is something really quite memorable. An estate story is a harmony of it’s historical contents and […]

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7 Techniques to Help You Sell an Estate | Pro Tips

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Selling an estate can be a daunting experience, especially if you aren’t sure where to start. Many people make the mistake of opening up their home for an estate sale and take any offer that comes their way, as they simply want to make money as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, you could be selling items […]

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What to Look for in Estate Jewelry | Antique Jewellery Complete Guide

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So you’re at a sale in Sarasota and you are interested in some beautiful estate jewelry you’ve found. The family is clearing out the property and everything must go by the end of today, there are other people eyeing the piece you want, and you don’t have time to deliberate long. Is it worth the […]

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Antique Porcelain – What Should You Know?

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Antique Porcelain can carry with it a fascinating history and unexpected value. People often think to look at the markings on their silver or gold items as these markings help identify purity, manufacturer and age – however when it comes to porcelain, there seems to be more uncertainty among the general public. This tradition of […]

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