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Know Pro Tips: How to tell if a painting is valuable?

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Great works of art are pleasing to the eyes. They showcase the ingenuity of the artist and hold so much value. Investing in such works can be rewarding once you know how to spot real antique paintings. It is also important to know how much a painting is worth before investing in it. There are […]

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How to Identify Antique Oil Paintings: Quick Tips

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With antique oil paintings, the composition, condition, and artist can all have a great impact on the value. We love identifying pieces brought to us by our Florida clients, especially when it is a particularly old or rare artistic work. We also understand that people are naturally curious; whether the piece was found by an […]

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Where Can I Find an Antique Bronze Dealer Near Me?

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When you are going through old china cabinets or the estate of a relative, you may come across some valuable antiques, maybe even some bronze antiques. Before you toss them away or donate them, you should take a step back and understand that those antique bronzes could potentially be worth a lot. Depending on the […]

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Where Can i Sell My Bronze Sculptures Online

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Antique and modern bronzes are both very valuable assets and decorations for a home. Whether you have antiques or modern bronzes, either one is a great piece or collection to have as a part of how you throw dinner parties, what serving utensils you use during the holidays, or even the decorations that turn your […]

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