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Antique and modern bronzes are both very valuable assets and decorations for a home. Whether you have antiques or modern bronzes, either one is a great piece or collection to have as a part of how you throw dinner parties, what serving utensils you use during the holidays, or even the decorations that turn your house into a home.

However, we know that there sometimes comes a point when you are ready to part ways with your antique pieces or set, whether it is for financial reasons or downsizing. We also know that sometimes selling antiques goes hand in hand with trying to take care of the estate of a relative. No matter your reason, there are a lot of different ways that you can sell antique and modern bronzes when the time comes. From going directly to an antique dealer, to browsing a specialized auction, connecting with an art broker, or even shopping online, there are many ways to find where and who will buy antique or modern bronzes. We are going to help you understand the differences so that you can take care of your antiques fairly easily and painlessly.


Bronze Sculptures




Antique dealers are a great option for you if you are trying to buy antique and modern bronzes, but even more so, antique dealers are also a great option if you are trying to sell some antique and modern bronzes. Because of how much they buy and sell in their store, antique dealers are extremely knowledgeable about a wide range of antiques from various time periods and from various manufacturing and maker backgrounds. In addition, antique dealers gain a lot of really valuable information from all of their experience buying and selling, so they have a unique expertise to tell you if a bronze may be real or fake, what its value is, who made it and how old it may be.

Another benefit of using antique dealers with your modern and antique bronzes is that you will be able to talk to an expert who really knows, understands, and values the history and rarity of the piece or collection that you have brought to them. They can tell you what is in demand in the marketplace in real time because they have customers with demands coming into their store all the time, looking for certain things.

Plus, the value of an in-person conversation when you are trying to sell something valuable is always a safe bet to ensure you get the most for your money. You limit the lack of email responses and missed phone calls when you are talking with someone face-to-face.

Specialized Auctions


Specialized auctions can occur both online and offline. Right now, the most common way to auction off modern and antique bronzes is through online auctions, and there are several reasons why people would choose to do this. For one, online auctions are extremely popular due to the fact that there is a high level of web traffic to the sites that you sell products on, and you can essentially begin selling your products almost immediately. With that, the benefits of specialized online auctions include no overhead or upfront costs for the selling environment, no sales staff or distributors to interfere with or take advantage of you, no website of your own to set up and manage, and no initial investment in the selling environment beyond the percentage of the final sale price that you will have to give back to the website that you are hosting your online specialized auction. However, the percentage of your final sale that you must return to the store deducts from the money you could be earning on your own.

Art Brokers

Estate Sale Expert

Art brokers can all have many different specialties and desired collections. Because of that, working with an art broker to sell modern or antique bronzes will take a lot of research in order to find an art broker who is the best fit for the bronzes that you are trying to sell. Many antique dealers are also experienced art brokers and try to succeed in both spaces. It is important to be cautious when working with someone who has primarily dealt with art. This is because you don’t want to sell your antique or modern bronze to someone who doesn’t really know the value of the piece or collection that you have. Conduct research on an art broker in your area and assess their level of sales and expertise, particularly with antique and modern bronzes. If possible, try to get to an event where the art broker is working and see the kind of items that they are working to sell and what kind of products they are buying from other people.


Going online to buy and sell modern and antique bronzes has several advantages but also some risks. You have the advantage of being able to search for antique pieces in real-time when dealing with antique and modern bronzes online. However, regardless of whether you are a buyer or seller, the same process can be frustrating and time-consuming due to the number of potential websites you will need to visit to find what you are looking for.

Antique online shopping has many advantages since you have the entire internet at your disposal. Shopping and selling antiques online empowers you to easily search, compare and find the items you like, while also seeing the prices of the same items you own so that you know the value of your antique or modern bronzes.

At the same time, antique online shopping and selling requires very close attention, and there are a few things you definitely need to consider before you make your final purchase or before you agree to sell your own items. Buyers are able to shop online for antique auctions without having to wait for the auctions to come to their city, which also means that people from around the world participate in bidding in our auctions.

Before you try to sell your antique or modern bronzes, determine where you want to sell them and who will buy them. You will be able to get the most out of your time and money if you do your research ahead of time. When we visit your area to buy as a leading Sarasota area antique buyer, we are happy to offer an appraisal and valuation of any modern or antique bronzes you may have. Our expert team is well-versed in a wide range of antiques from around the world, and we buy a wide range of antiques. If you want to sell your valuable modern or antique bronzes, bring them in, or visit us when we come to your area, and we can tell you all about the antiques that you have.

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