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Do you have an antique estate collection and are unsure of how much it might be worth? Getting the collection valued is the next step, but how do you do that? If you want to find out if you’re sitting on a gold mine, there are several steps that can help to get your collection valued.

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Call an Antique Dealer

If you have an antique collection that you want valued, the most logical first stop for help is likely an antique dealer. It makes sense – these professionals have experience selling antiques and have likely seen items just like yours, so they know how much they are worth. However, antique dealers are sales professionals, and if they like what they see, they might not be completely upfront about the value in hopes that they can talk you into selling your collection to them. Always get a second opinion before you sell your antiques to a dealer.

Look at Online Websites

There are a lot of websites online that attract antique lovers – both buyers and sellers. Take a look at sites like eBay and Live Auctioneers, and search to see if any antiques like your collection are being sold. You’ll be able to see what buyers are willing to pay for items just like yours, giving you an idea about the value. The more similarly-priced sales you find, the more reliable the value will be.

Hire an Appraiser

You can find an appraiser for almost anything, whether you have an Elvis Pressley autograph or an antique silver tea set. These professionals are trained to determine the authenticity of an item and to give you an idea about the value. The key is to find an appraiser who is accredited and meets ethical and professional standards.

After taking your antique estate collection into an appraiser, you should receive a written report outlining the value. This should include a description of the item as well as the procedure completed to estimate the current value. Since appraisers are more likely to give a fair judgment about the value of a collection than an antique dealer, as there is no conflict of interest, many professionals believe this should be your first step in getting your antiques valued.

Visit an Estate Sale

Estate sale companies employ agents who have experience sorting, cataloging, and analyzing antiques and other items found within a home. These professionals understand the value of the items that they are selling, and they will prevent customers from mistakenly throwing away valuable items believing that they are trash. Since estate sale companies have considerable experience pricing antiques, they are a good resource to determine the value of your collection.

Consult with an Auctioneer

Auctioneers are sales professionals that sell items to the highest bidders. Many of them specialize in a certain item, such as livestock, automobiles, or antiques and jewelry. Regardless of what is for sale, the auctioneer needs to become familiar with the value of objects, as it will be his responsibility to help owners get the most money for their items.

If you have an antique estate collection that you need to have valued, consulting with an auctioneer is a great step. An auctioneer that specializes in antiques will know what things to look for that could verify the authenticity of your pieces, which could boost the value. They may also have some insight into how much similar antiques have sold for at antique auctions, giving you an even better idea of how much your collection might be worth.

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