Best Reasons for Reaching Out to a Reputable Antique Jewelry Dealer before Selling

The time has come for you to sell your antique jewelry collection, and you want to get the best price for your items. You could post them on eBay blindly and hope for the best, but chances are good that you won’t price them correctly. Fortunately, antique jewelry dealers can help, and there are several great reasons to consult with a reputable dealer before you sell.

Determine the Authenticity of Your Antique Jewelry

A consultation with a reputable antique jewelry dealer can help you determine whether or not your pieces are genuine. Whether you aren’t sure if your antique necklace is real gold or you don’t know what type of gemstone is featured in your antique ring, a jewelry dealer can help. A dealer can give you all the information you need about an item, including what it is made from, how old it is, and how rare any gems in it might be.

antique jewelry appraisal

Get Information on the Condition of Your Individual Pieces

The overall condition of your antique jewelry will be an important aspect in determining the overall worth. Over time, clasps, settings, prongs, and gemstones in jewelry items can become damaged or loose. A review of your antique or estate jewelry by a professional can tell you how chips and other damage will affect the overall value of your price. Plus, this can help to mitigate a future loss by drawing attention to any minor – and repairable – damage before a major problem exists.

Learn About the Background

Not only will an antique jewelry dealer give you information about your jewelry itself, but they can also reveal some of your collection’s background. Antique jewelry pieces may be hundreds of years old, and each item will have a story to tell. This is something that often draws people into buying antique jewelry, so a dedicated and reputable dealer will likely make an effort to research your items. This way, you’ll be able to take that story away with you and use it when you decide to sell your pieces.

Picture of an antique necklace

Get the Most Value from Your Pieces

An antique dealer can give you a good idea about a fair price for your antique jewelry. Without this information, you may price your items wrong. Price them too low, and you may sell your jewelry items for considerably less than they are worth. Price items too high and they might not move at all. An antique jewelry dealer will help you to price your items right the first time.

If you have antique jewelry that you are ready to sell and you aren’t sure of the value, bring it in to us at Sarasota Antique Buyers. We have experience with antique jewelry collections and can provide a value for your pieces for what they would likely sell for at auction. If you want to sell and avoid the hassle of an auction, we’ll place a bid just below our valuation. Contact us today to learn more.

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