Guide to Vintage Jewelry Selling: You Worry Less when you Know More

If you’re thinking about purchasing vintage jewelry, you likely know that you need to take the time to learn about different designers, manufacturers, and styles. Some, though, jump right in and start buying antique vintage jewelry without really doing the research. There are a number of different reasons why it’s important to learn about vintage jewelry before you start selling it. If you do, you won’t worry as much as you might otherwise.

Vintage Jewelry

You’ll Avoid Wasting Money

The most important one is that the more you understand what it is you’re looking to buy and sell, the less you’ll worry about making costly financial mistakes. If you aren’t certain about the value of the jewelry you’re buying, you could accidentally purchase costume jewelry that’s not worth much at all. The more you learn how to identify specific materials used in jewelry, including precious metals and gemstones, the less likely it is that you’ll be fooled by a fake.

evaluating jewelry

You’ll Get What the Piece is Worth

Have you ever hosted a vintage jewelry sale and then later on learned that some of the pieces you sold were actually much more valuable than you thought? If you’ve spent time learning about each piece of jewelry you have, you’ll be able to better price them. You won’t lose any money when you sell the item, and you’ll even know how much you can afford to haggle based on what you paid for the piece and what its value is.

vintage jewelry sale

You’ll Know Where to Go

Do you know where the best place to sell jewelry online is? If you don’t, you may be missing out on getting your jewelry in front of true collectors who are willing to pay top dollar for it. Sometimes, going to auction sites such as eBay is not the right place. There are other sites out there that focus on antique and vintage jewelry, and those are the sites you should be considering first. Look for sites that specialize in the type of jewelry you have. Before you list your own items, watch what sells and for how much. This will help you determine if you’ve found the place for your pieces.

sell jewelry online

And You’ll Know Where to Buy From

Knowing where to purchase your vintage items from is just as important as knowing where to sell them. If you’ve gone to a number of different sellers and, after doing a vintage jewelry appraisal, discovered that most of their items were low value, you may not want to consider purchasing from those sellers. You’ll feel much more confident and worry less if you find a respectable seller or trader from which to get your pieces.

vintage items

You’re likely going to find your vintage jewelry from many different places. You may purchase some of it from online auction sites, but you may also look at antique stores, estate sales, and other places. Anytime you do, make sure you carefully examine each piece and compare it with what you know about antique jewelry. The more you know, the more you’ll be able to confidently identify the value of each item.

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