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Chinese antiques are growing more and more popular amongst many western collectors. As the demand for these pieces continues to increase, we are turning to Orlando residents who have been waiting to sell that one item, or an entire collection, more now than ever before. This is because, believe it or not, a large majority of valuable antiques in the United States are not located in museums, or as a part of a private collection, but are in the hands of individuals; individuals who often aren’t even aware of how valuable their little piece of history actually is.

It is with this knowledge that we urge Orlando residents to get a free market analysis on any Chinese antiques they would consider selling. Because you never know what treasures you might have stowed away in the attic collecting dust.


Types of Chinese Antiques We Buy in Orlando

At Sarasota Antique Buyers we are interested in all kinds of oriental antiques. This includes:

Antique Chinese Silver – Created by master smiths, these appeared in the early 1700’s to cater to western tourists and continued on into the early 20th century. Many of these items were shaped for westerner’s– such as bowls, tea sets, and pitchers– but depict Asian themes and artwork. The Chinese did not use the same standards for silver purity that we do in the west, so this is not something you need to be overly concerned with. Although the purity may vary slightly from piece to piece, it does not have a great effect on the value of authentic works.

chinese chairs

Folding Screens – This free-standing style of furniture was designed to create privacy with an elegance only found in the east. Screens date back to as early as 771BCE during the Zhoe period, although most surviving works are not nearly as old, and are quite rare in the Orlando area. These Chinese antiques often depict beautiful or dramatic scenes on the face, and on the back might depict a simple floral design. In Japan these might also be referred to as Byōbu.

Bronzes – These Chinese antiques can range from large oriental bronze statues to small figurines. Although they can vary by artist and period, bronzes can depict anything from animals – such as elephants, bears, or even dragons – to women, spirits, nature scenes, and more.

Furniture – This can include chairs, benches, screens, trunks, and other pieces of oriental furniture. They may be made of bamboo, brass, or various Asian hardwoods such as Huali, Hong Suanzhi, Jichi, or others.

Jade – Not only used for decoration, Jade has a history with China going back almost 4,000 years, and has played an integral part in their rites and worship. Though often difficult for the untrained eye to determine the authenticity or quality of these Chinese antiques, there are many, many historic pieces in private hands throughout the west. To list only some of the Jade items we are interested in:

  •    Bracelets and Jewelry
  •    Boxes
  •    Figurines
  •    Statues
  •    Trinkets
  •    Bowls
  •    And other ornamental pieces

Why Trust Sarasota Antique Buyers?

With over 22 years in the field, we have become the most reliable and accurate dealer of fine historic works not only in Orlando, but throughout all of Florida. We frequently stand out in the industry by discovering valuable pieces in collections that were overlooked or undervalued. It is our extensive knowledge, attention to detail, and passion for history that allow us to find treasures where others don’t. We also have an elaborate network of auction houses and private collectors worldwide, which allows us to achieve the greatest value for each of our clients.

If you live in Orlando and think you may have Chinese antiques you would like to sell, call us today for a free market analysis at 941-373-1234, or you can use our contact form on the right side of our site.

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