Do I Need An Antique Appraisal?

The simple answer is yes. If you hope to sell any historical, artistic work then an antique appraisal is absolutely vital to receiving a fair price. In fact, acquiring an accurate market analysis from a knowledgeable source in the Sarasota area is perhaps the most important part of the selling process.

What’s So Complicated about Antique Appraisals?

Determining an artwork’s value isn’t as simple as looking in a catalog, or even checking the asking prices on an online auction site. Firstly, the prices you see on websites like eBay are simply what the owners are asking, not what they are being purchased for. Secondly, it is extremely common for these sellers to invent prices arbitrarily without any kind of extensive research; meaning items are often listed for far less, or for far more than they are worth. And thirdly, the condition of the item can greatly affect what it is worth as well, making it difficult to simply ask for the same price that others are selling for. This is why getting an antique appraisal, or market analysis from a local Sarasota expert is so important.

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So How Does a Market Analysis Work?

When you go to a Sarasota professional for an antique appraisal they will look at many deciding factors in order to provide you with an accurate market analysis. The below categories all contribute to the demand for a piece; although the importance and relevance of each can vary from item to item.

Artist: If the work was created by a famous artist then the demand will most likely be much higher. If it is a manufactured item, the desirability of the brand and the number of items that were produced, also are taken into consideration.

Signature: If there is a clear signature by the artist, it will need to be inspected for authenticity by a handwriting expert, which you can most easily obtain through a Sarasota antique appraisal. A certificate of authenticity is necessary for a reputable sale.

Age, period, and origin: These three areas often go hand in hand, as many times one implies the other; however, the significance of each can vary. For example, The age frequently impacts the rarity, while the period and origins can attract the eclectic majority or a very narrow audience.

Aesthetics: The sayings, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, both apply here. While some popular works are frequently sought after because they meet the common criteria of “beauty”, there are just as many that are not. It’s important to keep in mind that just because the artistic vision doesn’t appeal to your tastes, doesn’t mean it isn’t highly desirable to a collector.

Rarity: The rarity of a historical work will always have at least some impact on the price, although it does not, in fact, imply a demand. If a piece is one-of-a-kind and holds a significant place in history, it may be extremely valuable; but if it holds no significance to collectors, then it will not fetch a very high price at a Sarasota auction. Likewise, even a very old, or very in-demand piece that exists in a flooded market, will have its price driven down by the competition.

Condition: It’s always a good thing when an item is in great condition, but just because it may be in a less-than-ideal state, doesn’t mean it’s worthless. Common items we see from Sarasota residents are more easily affected by the condition than are extremely rare works. A proper antique appraisal will be able to identify not only damages such as dents, scratches, wear, rust, or missing parts, but also recognize when an item has been repaired, repainted, refinished, or has had any of its original parts replaced.

Because of the difficulty of antique appraisals, when you want to sell from your collection, we highly recommend finding a local, Sarasota professional who can provide you with a current and accurate market analysis. For more information, or if you would like us to answer any other questions you may have, you can contact us at 941-373-1234.

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