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At Sarasota Antique Buyers our estate liquidators will take care of everything for you, from start to finish. We have been in the business for over 22 years, and in that time we have gathered the experience, knowledge, and most importantly, the connections, to ensure you receive maximum profits during your sale. With this many years in the industry, we provide both a superior service, and an extensive list of auction houses, collectors, and buyers who are regularly seeking new merchandise. We are also familiar with all of the questions and concerns regarding these types of sales, so you should never hesitate to call us for more information, or to request for a consolation!

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Antique Estate Liquidators

Unlike some estate liquidators, Sarasota Antique Buyers is a true liquidation company. Our goal is to turn your liabilities into assets. We assist clients who are downsizing, executors of estates, family members, and anyone else who requires our capabilities. Each of our clients has different needs and our professionals customize a personal plan for each situation, handling everything from packing and moving, to managing the sale. We also work on a commission only basis, so there are no out of pocket expenses. Any company that tells you otherwise should be avoided.


Perhaps you or a loved one has decided it is time to move into a senior living community and liquidate the majority of household items and furniture. We understand that this can be a stressful time for everyone involved, which is why our compassionate staff will do everything possible to make it more manageable for you. However, downsizing does not always mean moving. For those who wish to stay in their current Sarasota home, our estate liquidators can help you sell and rearrange your existing furniture to create a home that is both safer and more spacious.

Just the thought of downsizing can be traumatic for everyone involved, but our staff is ready to assist. We’ll help you:

  • Sort through what to keep and what to let go
  • Carefully pack each of your treasures
  • Sell your possessions to secure the highest profits
  • Understand what possessions and furniture will fit into your new place

We even offer a buyer’s service for those who would rather expedite the entire process and receive a check upfront.

Appraisals and Valuation

As the most knowledgeable antique buyers in the state of Florida, our estate liquidators have been known to frequently uncover highly valued pieces while identifying items for sale. We love finding unique antiques, both for their history and the stories they can tell. Below are just a few of the items we are interested in.

  • Furniture: Modern, 18th and 19th century, and French
  • Silver: Flatware, bows, pitches, tea sets, trays, candelabra, hollowware, coins, and watches
  • Artwork: Post-impressionistic, American, Maritime, Asian, Continental, oils, watercolors, lithographs, drawings, etchings, and prints
  • Asian Art: Paintings, hanging scrolls, porcelain, bamboo furniture, carved jade, bronzes, traditional robes and kimonos, netsuke, warriors
  • Antique Clocks and Automata: Good French carriage, fine English bracket, novelty, early renaissance French gilt bronze, ship’s chronometers, clockwork toys, singing bird tabatières, and much more!

If you have specific pieces you would like to sell independent of the estate, we can provide you with a free market analysis on individual items, or entire collections!

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We know that often times our clients are dealing with the inherited belongings of a relative or loved one. In these stressful times everything can quickly move from difficult, to overwhelming. Let us help. To get started, call your local estate liquidators today at 941-373-1234, or use the contact form on the right side of this page. We’ll be happy to schedule an in-home consultation with you, whether you live close by in Sarasota, or in any of the surrounding areas.

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