How to Find an Oriental Antique Dealer in Orlando, Florida

There might be a time that comes when you have an antique or even a complete antique set to sell because you need quick cash. Specifically, if you are looking to sell oriental antiques, you need to know exactly how to find oriental antique dealers in your area. Approaching a local Orlando oriental antique store or Tampa antique buyer can offer an easy solution to getting cash fast.

Visiting an antique dealer near me in your area saves you the hassle of paying the fees that are associated with selling your items online. It also helps with the hassle that collecting payments from buyers, along with packing and shipping your item that sometimes occurs. Most importantly, there is always the risk that your items could be damaged in transit, especially if they are fragile, therefore negating any value that they may have previously had before they were damaged.

For the reasons above and many more, knowing what to do before approaching a local antique shops near me, and also knowing what to expect before you walk into the store, can make a big difference in how your deal goes and the value that you get for your antiques.

Oriental Antique Dealer

Here are some tips and tricks to have a successful sale to an oriental antique dealer in your own hometown.

Research Before You Go

Before you even walk into an oriental antique buyer or dealer’s store, you need to know what you are bringing to them. You cannot expect that all antique dealers everywhere will know everything there is to know about any antiques ever created. Additionally, antique dealers do not benefit when they give free evaluations. Sometimes sellers will come to the store, use the knowledge they gain from an antique buyer, and then leave with the items to sell them somewhere else to try and make more money. Because of that, some buyers will not take the time to explain the items that you have brought in. When you come into the store knowledgeable about the items that you have, you are going to have a much more efficient and beneficial conversation with the antique buyer.

Another huge benefit of going into the store with solid background on the items you have, is knowing upfront the potential value of your items and how the condition of the antiques could impact that value. Doing that research ahead of time again will help you have an efficient and intelligent conversation with an antique buyer, which they will appreciate.

Expect a Lower Price than the Retail Price

If you go into an antique dealer’s shop for fast cash, with the knowledge and research done ahead of time on the value of your items and what they have been selling for recently, you cannot be surprised when you are offered a price that is less than the retail value. Any antique shop owner has plenty of overhead expenses that are associated with running a store, shipping products, acquiring new pieces and more, and often times, they have to wait months or potentially years for the right customer to come along who is actually willing to pay top value for highly desired antiques.

Walking into a local antique dealer’s store with the goal of getting quick cash really doesn’t require a massive amount of effort, and that will be reflected in the pricing that is offered you.

Be Prepared to State Your Price

There are many oriental antique dealers who require a seller to state the price associated with their items prior to starting any negotiations so that you are on the same page with the value starting point. This is why it is so important to do your research on your items ahead of time, prior to stepping foot in the store. You have to be able to talk to the shop owner and have a knowledgeable conversation about the items you are trying to sell so that you have a fair understanding of the minimum price you’re willing to take for the oriental antiques that you’re looking to sell.

It’s best to start your negotiations a little above the minimum price that you will accept so that you can see how high the dealer is willing to go. If you are lucky, your item might actually be an oriental antique that the antique buyer has a ready market for and a lot of open inquiries about, or they may even collect that piece, so the dealer might actually be happy to accept the item at the price that you start with. At the same time, they may already have a ton of items of the kind that you are trying to sell and so they might not be able to make an offer and buy the item at your starting point. Don’t be surprised or insulted, that is just how the market works sometimes.

Don’t Look Back After the Sale

Seller’s remorse… while it may be a little different from buyer’s remorse, it has the same premise. If you are going to sell an item, you have to be absolutely certain you are ready to bid it adieu, forever. Before you sell an item, especially if it’s a family heirloom that has been passed down for generations, think long and hard about if parting with it is something that you can comfortably do.

Even if you sell your antique piece or collection and want to change your mind and get it back, there is no way that you can count on it still being available to try and buy it back from the owner. Even if the item is still available for you to buy it back, you also can’t count on the fact that the dealer will sell it for the price that they paid you in the first place – you are potentially taking back an item that could’ve resulted in a huge profit for them and that is not an easy thing to turn away from.

Another thing that an antique seller may experience that is not recommended is feeling regret or remorse for not holding out for top dollar. Once the deal is complete, you need to count your cash, and your fortune that there was an oriental antique buyer out there who was willing to take the item off your hands. It is important to move on after the sale happens and never look back.

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