Selling Art Online and Reaching New Markets: 4 Tips for Budding Artists

Are you a budding artist who would love to sell your paintings? Getting into galleries can be difficult, and doing art shows on the weekends often doesn’t attract the right audience for your work. So, what can you do? By learning how to sell your art online, you can find high end collectors who know what original paintings are worth and are looking to purchase new artists. But what does it take to get to sell online? Here are four tips.

Selling Art Online

Get a Great Camera

It can be very difficult to reach new markets if you can’t accurately show off your art online. That means you’re going to need an amazing camera. Fortunately, great cameras are becoming more and more affordable these days. Even if you can’t afford to purchase your own, you may be able to network with a budding photographer who is looking to add new pieces to their own portfolio and get some exposure.

Know the Right Websites

If you’re going to try selling your art on some of the different art sites, you need to know which ones are going to get you the best returns. Selling your modern pieces on websites dedicated to antique paintings, for example, is not likely to result in a large number of sales. Make sure the sites specialize in modern work.

Build Your Own Website

You can also create or hire someone to create a website to showcase your fine art paintings. These websites don’t have to be anything incredibly complicated or fancy. They simply need to show off your art and provide potential buyers with a way of contacting you.

Know What Your Pieces Are Worth

Having great pictures of your work is also a necessity if you want to do an art appraisal online. It’s possible that your paintings are worth more than you think, especially if you’ve enjoyed some success. Knowing what an expert thinks of your work can help you determine the prices.

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