4 Valuable Tips to Figure Out “What’s It Worth?” When Dealing with Antique Furniture

If you’ve got some antique furniture you’re considering selling or that you want to buy, one of the first things you want to do is determine how much it’s really worth. If you’re selling, you definitely want to get the full value of the piece. If you’re buying, you don’t want to pay more than the furniture is worth. Here are four tips for getting an idea of the worth of your antique furniture.

4 Valuable Tips to Figure Out

What’s the Condition?

One of the key factors in determining antique furniture worth is the condition of the piece. No matter who made it or when it was made, furniture that’s in poor condition simply won’t be worth as much. Look for damaged wood, rips in the leather, missing buttons or other decorations, and scratches. While some minor cracks in leather or chips in wood may not change the value that much, major damage will.

Has it Been Poorly Repaired?

Can you immediately identify areas on the furniture that have been repaired? Antique furniture appraisers and other experts can tell almost immediately when something has been repaired using more modern materials or techniques. These repairs are often done by amateurs who don’t quite know what they’re doing. Professional repairs will be much harder to spot.

Do You Know the Manufacturer?

If you know information about the furniture manufacturer, when it was made, or where it was made, you can more easily determine worth. Some manufacturers are highly sought after by antique furniture buyers. Others may not have as much fame, which could reduce the value of the pieces. Look for tags, marks, and other labels.

Can You Date the Furniture?

Even if you can’t find any information on the piece itself, you might be able to track the furniture’s history. Do you know how long it’s been in your family? Did it come from another country? Do you have pictures of the piece in your grandparent’s home? This is all helpful information that can date the piece.

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