The Art of Selling: A Step-by-Step Guide to Selling Modern Art for Millions

Modern art can be quite valuable. This is puzzling to some people because modern art can sometimes seem deceptively simple. Not everyone can appreciate the value of work that produced by artists like Jackson Pollock. Modern art buyers appreciate the historical and social significance of modern art, as well as the thought the artists put into their creations. Every modern art dealer knows how to capitalize on that appreciation. In this article, we will explore how you can sell your modern art for top price.

selling modern art

The meaning of modern art.

To place your modern art for sale it is important to first understand why modern art buyers collect it. Modern art is a term that covers artwork from around 1870 to 1970. Interestingly, it was partially in reaction to the rise of cameras, photography, and film. With photographs and film offering a realistic depiction of the world, artist began to use new movements like abstract impressionism, cubism, and minimalism which offered less realistic and more creative artistic interpretation. Two world wars, the Great Depression, and various political and social movements over the course of the century also influenced artistic thinking and shaped the taste of modern art buyers and dealers. As always, that drove the market of modern art for sale.

Modern art buyers look for appraisals.

When selling art, whether modern or otherwise, the first step is always get it appraised. An expert appraisal is absolutely necessary to making a sale, as any modern art dealer will tell you. Appraisers will authenticate the artist, movement, and age of the painting. They will trace the provenance or previous owners of the artwork. They will also examine the condition of the artwork and the materials used in its creation. All of which will determine the ultimate value of the piece and allow you to ask a high price. That is where you can find out if your artwork might be worth millions because its unique history, the artist, or previous owner will induce a modern art buyer to pay such a sum.

Where to sell Your Modern Art Online

If you want to sell your modern art for millions of dollars, you have a few options for finding modern art buyers. Going online and using a simple search will allow you find a number of experienced modern art dealers who can help you get your artwork appraised and sold. The right dealer can be crucial establishing the value of the art and connecting you with a modern art buyer who can pay top value for it. Going online can also help you locate auction houses and galleries that can put your extremely valuable modern art for sale. Large house like Christie’s and Sotheby’s are particularly skilled at handling high value transactions.

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