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5 Ways to Get Your Antique Estate Collection Valued – Miami | Tampa | Orlando | Bradenton

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Do you have an antique estate collection and are unsure of how much it might be worth? Getting the collection valued is the next step, but how do you do that? If you want to find out if you’re sitting on a gold mine, there are several steps that can help to get your collection […]

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5 Prominent Works Of Old West Artist Charles Schreyvogel

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Charles Schreyvogel (1861-1912) was a prominent American painter of Old West subject matter during the days of the disappearing frontier, and he was especially intrigued by military life. Schreyvogel’s portrayals of cavalrymen and cowboys came from both firsthand experience and escapist fantasy. From 1893 to 1905, he made frequent visits to the Western U.S. collecting […]

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4 Famous Garden Sculptures Created by Janet Scudder

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Janet Scudder is an American sculptor who created a variety of artistic creations for both public institutions and private parties in the early 20th century. Scudder is best known for creating unique, ornamental garden sculptures, many of which were sought by wealthy Americans who wished to add them to the landscaped grounds of their lavish […]

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