An Interesting Facts About Alloyed Metals- Argentium And Sterling Silver

Looking for a silver jewelry or silverware? Here is something new for you to learn about. We are talking about the similar looking silver-types, Argentium and sterling, which have major distinctions that make them beautiful in their own way.

However, they also have major benefits to discuss in detail, and we always love to purchase argentium and sterling silver flatware.

In this article, we’re going to talk about many things related to the categories of silver and make you confirm which one is better. Let’s acknowledge:

argentium vs sterling silver

What is argentium silver?

A type of silver metal which consists of 93.5% of pure silver, i.e., 96%, 5.5% of copper and 1% of germanium alloy. It is used to make jewelry and other products like antique silver pieces. The best thing about this metal is that it doesn’t tarnish easily, which is due to germanium. This is because germanium creates a thin barrier between air and copper. It has a range of rare and superior qualities that are beneficial for retailers, consumers, and manufacturers as well. Therefore, it is

• extremely tarnish-resistant
• sustainable
• highly ductile
• brilliant appearance
• Fire stain elimination
• hypo-allergic
• highly durable.

How to identify

A real silverware set made with argentium silver has a strong brand identity, which can be identified by the flying unicorn logo OR you can identify it by the standard marks on the silver like 935 and 960.

What is sterling silver?

A type of silver, which consists of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper alloy, It is also used to make jewelry, silver sets, flatware, and other related items. It is not tarnish resistant, i.e., it gets tarnished easily due to the copper content in humid conditions.

Also, it won’t rust with normal or hard use. It has quite a few benefits, which makes it chosen by people again and again. It is also an affordable silver metal. Therefore, it is

• Durable
• tarnished metal
• Hypoallergenic
• Ductile
• Timeless fashion
• low maintenance

How to identify

Sterling silver can be identified by the hallmark or marking of .925 or 925 and sometimes ster. You can also tap it to hear a bell-like ring, which indicates it’s a real sterling silverware set. Also, you can smell it. If it has a strong smell of copper, it is an authenticated ster.

The difference between argentium and sterling silver

The major difference we can predict in argentium and sterling is their composition. The composition only differs in the amount of germanium and copper content. If talking about their advantages, argentium consists of a greater amount of pure silver as compared to sterling. Argentium doesn’t tarnish, but ster can be tarnished and turn black easily.

However, they both have a similar sparkling whitish appearance, but they can be differentiated by their silver plate markings, composition, and characteristics. If differentiated in terms of which alloyed metal is better? Then argentium is better than sterling in terms of tarnish resistance, highly durable, highly ductile, brighter and shinier than sterling, electric and thermal resistance, etc.

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