Antique Jewels on the Modern Red Carpet

The past hundred years of fashion have seen thousands of trends come and go. Hemlines have shortened, necklines have plunged, and with events like the Met Gala constantly encouraging attendees to push the boundaries of apparel, celebrities and the common consumer alike are on a continuous search for the next new thing in fashion. Some things, however, never go out of style, and as stars are showing on the red carpet in 2019, and antique buyers should note that a good piece of vintage jewelry will always be a classy accessory to any black-tie outfit.

Antique jewelry dealers found great success at the Oscars in February. Laura Harrier, star of BlacKkKsman, was resplendent in an ice-blue, jewel-studded gown, but the true sparkle of her outfit came from her show-stopping necklace, composed of ten antique emeralds.

Antique Jewels

Cartier was well-represented at the Oscars by a number of celebrities, but perhaps best by Amy Adams, who showed up with five vintage Cartier pieces in gold, platinum, and diamond: a necklace, a pair of earrings, a bracelet, a ring, and a clip brooch. The bling bounced beautifully off her slimming, metallic gown.

Jennifer Hudson also rocked vintage diamonds, although hers came from Harry Winston, not Cartier. The pear-cut earrings positively glittered down the side of her neck.

She may not have played the queen in The Favorite, but Rachel Weisz still managed to get herself an impressive crown by turning two antique Cartier brooches into a simple, but powerful headband.

She wasn’t the only one to repurpose an antique brooch into a modern hair accessory. Songstress Joanna Newsom took a gold Neil Lane brooch and used it as a barrette.

Danai Gurira of Black Panther looked like a true Wakandan queen with the simple but elegant Victorian gold bands crowning her head.

Laura Dern wore a complete set of vintage diamonds, which included a cascading drop necklace, bracelet, studs, and two band rings. The whole set totaled a whopping 115 carats!

Vintage jewelry also showed up in more surprising locations and forms. Elsie Fisher, the 15-year-old star of Eighth Grade, showed up to the red carpet, in a very handsome suit complimented by stylish and vintage art deco cufflinks from Beladora.

No matter where you wear them, vintage jewels are a guaranteed way to add instant pop to your look. It never hurts to check out your local antiques dealer and see what they have available. For antique buyers, vintage jewelry is just a smart investment: not only do classical pieces look good in any era, as proven by today’s celebrities, but given their impressive price tags, it’s safe to say they’re truly timeless!

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