Gorham Silver Hallmarks and Its History

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Gorham Silver Hallmarks

A Quick Peek into The History of Gorham Silver

One of the notable and eminent companies in America which was known for manufacturing sterling silver and silver-plated silver items is the Gorham Silver. The company was first established in the year 1831. It was the Jabez Gorham who was the founder of Gorham silver. He started the partnership with Henry L. Webster. The company’s prime products were silver spoons, silver jewellery, combs, thimbles and several other small products. After the retirement of Jabez Gorham, his son John Gorham became the owner of the organization in the year 1847. He expanded the business by introducing the most expensive silverware in the market.

He wanted to have innovative designs in the silver items. Therefore, he attended many workshops in Europe, had discussions with several skilled craftsmen. Later, the silver items became so popular that they were used in the White House. Many influential people started using the silverwares manufactured by Gorham. The company made its mark in presenting tea and flatware service and sterling and silver-plated services. The history witnessed top-notch and most expensive silverware in the past era.

A Note on The Gorham Silver Marks

As the silver-plated items, tea sets and sterling silver items gained its popularity worldwide, the Gorham decided to use silver markings at the backside of every silver-plated and sterling silver item. Since then, the Gorham silver marks came into use. Gorham’s hallmarks were not stable every year. Sometimes, the mark of lion, letter “G”, a wolf’s head and several numbers were embossed in each silverware. Later, it was decided to use the number of decades on the polygon as the Gorham silver marks.

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