Our best expert tips to help you navigate how to downsize

At some point, everyone needs to do downsizing- maybe you are an recent empty-nester, or a new caregiver for an elderly parent’s home. How can you downsize easily, while receiving the best return for your belongings? Follow these guidelines, especially geared for selling collectibles and antiques.

1. Decide if you’re really downsizing- how much do you have to sell?

Minimizing: the definition of minimizing is reducing- so when you want it sell only a few antiques, or have just a set of collectibles. A professional antique liquidator can place your items in an auction where they will do the best.

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when you are moving into a smaller home, or when you need to arrange for putting a parent in assisted living. You might not have a full estate to go through, but could have enough items to have an estate sale. This requires the dealer to have knowledge on the local market, so they can arrange to sell any high priced items at speciality auction houses and then advertise the estate sale to get a large turnout.


everything and the kitchen sink! The most complex scenario, this is where an estate liquidator shows what they are worth! After arranging for any valuable antiques to go to top national or state auction houses, and having an estate sale, the antiques liquidator will ensure the remaining items are taken care of- and that you don’t have to worry about any details- a full estate liquidation.

2. What is the value of your antique collection and how can you find out what they’re worth?-

Some pieces are easy to identify, and some require a more experienced eye. A dealer will show you how to evaluate your items and figure out how much the antiques and collectibles are really worth.

3. Types of liquidation estate sales-

This depends a lot on the quantity of items (back to number 1) however there are other factors. If your pieces are unique, they might receive a higher selling price at a specialty auction. Asian antiques, European or Russian pieces are among those rare items which need to be examine and considered for a speciality auction.

4. How do estate sales work-

While many antique houses and auctioneers can handle larger downsizing sales, an antique estate liquidator will have more experience and knowledge. They can help you through each step of the process and evaluate your collection for you. If you need money quickly because of costs from assisted living, probate lawyer fees, or moving expenses, they can guide you on which antiques and collectibles will sell in less time and help you clear these out first.

5. Charity donations/ pickups-

an easily overlooked final aspect, larger home downsizing projects often leave less valuable, everyday items sitting in your yard with no solution. Full service estate liquidators will find local consignment shops or even charity pickup services to take the last items away, leaving you with a clear home and clear mind.

Whether you are downsizing just a bit, or for a full house clean-out, these tips should help keep you on track. A great preliminary step is to find a local estate liquidator. If you’re looking in the general Tampa region of Florida for antique liquidators, you can contact Sarasota Antique Buyers for a free expert evaluation.

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