Understand and Valuate Expressionist Art

The Fascination of Mid Century Modern Art

Why does Mid Century modern art continue to be popular, and why have collectors embraced its look so emphatically? These pieces were innovative for their time, and remain so. They elicit an emotional spark in the viewer.

History and value of expressionist art

Abstract Expressionism developed in the context of diverse, overlapping sources and inspirations. Many of the young artists had made their start in the 1930s; the exposure to and assimilation of European modernism that set the stage for the most advanced American art. These artists changed the art world then, and so are still highly collectible today. Because of the quality ranges, it is best to get an expert evaluation before selling.

Expressionist Art

Art in general will be valuable if it meets three conditions: superior quality, rarity, and scarcity. Competition will always exist for superior artworks. Quality in art has absolute standards; exceptional art shows a master’s touch. Few artists possess or develop extraordinary skill and talent.

Some people who highly admire scarcity are willing to pay an exorbitant price a piece that no-one else would ever consider buying. This is an unlikely event though, and most fine collectible art is universally desired. This is another reason having an experienced art or antique broker to appraise your pieces is vital.

Recognizing quality in art takes time and is best learned with the help of an expert or mentor. Learning about art is lifelong. However, some points of value can be distinguished with a little research and close attention.

Points of value:

· Original paintings; signed and dated by the artist
· Paintings by artists who produced a great deal of artwork (approximately 150-200 paintings)
· Artwork by artists whose school of art remains highly collected and in demand, i.e. Expressionist
· Subjects that other people collect and invest that remain collectible (women under parasols, genre pictures, vista landscapes)
· Pieces that show an artist’s highest quality work
· Pieces that are larger (around 24″ X 36″) but generally not larger than 60 inches on any side
· Artwork that are in good to excellent condition

These tips will help you to identify if your pieces have a potential value for collectable artwork, and hold true in determining value for Mid century expressionist art. However, some modern art has different relative value, and abstract art can be especially difficult to evaluate unless you have a trained eye. At Sarasota Antique Buyers, we have years of appraising art and can offer you a free art appraisal.

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