Caring for Your Oriental Antique Furniture

Once you have fallen in love with a piece of oriental antique furniture and added it to your Bradenton collection, it is important to properly maintain the piece. Antiques are old and often more fragile than other furniture. These pieces require to specific care to unintentional destruction.

Oriental Antique Furniture

Caring Daily:

Pieces of oriental antique furniture should be kept out of direct sunlight. Exposure to the sun can cause the wood to dry out and the color could start to fade. If the piece is wood, don’t sit it next to an area that is overly moist as humidity will alter the material.

To clean out dust, use a clean, lint-free cloth several times a week. If you feel that the furniture needs more than just dusting, you can clean your furniture once a year with a mix of mild soap and water. Use a cloth and wring most of the water out before washing and dry with a soft cloth.

Understanding Finishes:

It is important to remember that if your oriental antique furniture has a finish, you are technically cleaning the finish, not the material itself. You can test what kind of finish you have by rubbing a small amount of either linseed oil or acetone over a small, inconspicuous section. Once you know what the finish is, a quick search will give you steps to follow to clear it properly.

Polishing and Waxing:

Never use a polish on your furniture if you are unsure of the effect it will have. Do research or talk to a professional in Bradenton about the best course of action to take if your antique needs polishing. Lemon Oil is often a good choice, and waxing can also prevent general damage to an antique. Depending on the material, there are several different waxing methods to use. Here again, you should consult a professional to find out what is best.

If you need to help from an expert to find the best way to care for a piece of oriental antique furniture that belongs to your Bradenton home, contact Sarasota Antique Buyers at 941 373 1234. We are also interested in buying antique furniture as shown in the picture above.

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