Probate Antique Estate Liquidators, Florida, USA

I often talk about the way in which an antique tells a story. A story, which in some ways is more valuable than it’s bottom dollar. I like to say that an estate tells an epic, an opus, it is something really quite memorable. An estate story is a harmony of it’s historical contents and the taste of the person who collected it.

Antique Estate Liquidators

I get e-mails every day from people all over the world inquiring about my online estate sales services. However, despite having to sometimes turn down a really interesting online find, I am a Florida Estate Buyer through and through. I am constantly driving around this great state to connect with the people I deal with, face to face, because it’s these stories that have kept me in the game for so long!

But enough about me. Let’s talk about what you came here for!

Antique Estate Liquidation

In my experience there are generally three reasons a person is looking to liquidate an estate:

*Relocating or Downsizing
*A significant lifestyle change (such as a divorce, financial change, etc.)
*A family member has a probated or non-probated estate that needs to be liquidated.

Regardless of the reason, I’ve seen it over and over how stressful this kind of task can be on a person or family. And you probably have more important things to focus your attention on during these times.

Antique Estate Sales

These are not Craigslist ordeals!

They are complicated and highly involved. Your estate needs to be properly appraised by someone with your best interest in mind.

*Heavy Organization and Planning
*Pricing and Merchandising
*Event set up

Just to name a few of the things to consider when putting together an estate sale.

Finding someone to handle your estate liquidation online is not overly complicated. Lots of people are doing it. But, personally, I’ve never seen the appeal to selling a hundred year old antique through an e-mail.

Give me a call and lets talk about your estate – maybe there’s a specific question you came here looking to answer – let me answer all your questions. I’ll even drive right to your door and simply just buy your estate from you if you want it done quick. Check mark. Problem solved.

And if for whatever reason I can’t help you – I’d be more than happy to point you in best direction.

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