How Hiring a Professional Estate Liquidator can Help Double Your Profits

If you have to get rid of a house, whether it’s due to bankruptcy, a death in the family, a divorce, move or downsizing, you want to get the most bang for your buck when you empty the place out.

You may think that doing it yourself through a garage sale is the best way to go because everyone knows that estate liquidators in nearby areas take a commission on the value of the sale. Though that is true, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get more money holding your own garage sale.

Estate Liquidators

Ignoring the fact that holding a garage sale is a lot of work, just think back to family run garage sales you have attended. If you went on the last day, did you notice how much stuff is still there? What do you think the people holding the sale did with it all after the sale was finished?

If you really think about it, you’ll realize these people are only selling some of their stuff. They aren’t emptying out their home.

What Liquidators Have to Offer

When you decide to contract with a reputable liquidator, they have a lot to offer that you can’t possibly provide yourself. This is their business and they take it seriously. They are professionals and as such will give your sale a professional look.

  • They will organize, clean and research your sale items.
  • They offer buyer’s service at times of quick settlement.
  • They know what is trending and can price it appropriately.
  • They know what has a value at an auction house and will prepare the items for auction and getthem  to the appropriate auction house.
  • They have contacts and a clientele that are notified when they have a sale.
  • They can work with your realtor to find potential buyers at the sale.

How Does This Benefit You?

  • A professional liquidator will create an atmosphere at your sale that implies more value.
  • The sale will be organized with traffic lanes, showcases, draped tables and professional signs and tags
  • High value items will be in locked cases
  • Professional staff will be on hand to answer questions
  • You may have thousands of visitors rather than the hundreds that will show up at a garage sale
  • They will provide leading estate brokering and buying service too.
  • They will have security on hand to mitigate theft
  • They are better positioned to buy vehicles and large furniture pieces

The Bottom Line

All of the above factors come together to give you a better profit from your sale. Though you do have to pay the liquidator a commission, the fact is that if the liquidator can sell all of your goods you are far better off right there simply by volume alone.

Add to that the fact that your goods will be priced properly and therefore will fetch the price they are worth and you can see that a liquidator could easily double your profits. Not only this, but professional liquidator will also handle all the labor required for packing and moving all necessary items to be auctioned, if you wish to have the event on some other place.

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