Selling Jewelry Online 101: Basic Tips for Success

Selling your antique jewelry online is an adventure, to be sure. You can end up doing very well for yourself, or you could end up getting taken. The outcome will depend on knowing the antique jewelry buyers, the market for jewelry, and the value of your pieces. If you are interested in selling antique jewelry these helpful tips could end up making the difference in your experience.

Know your buyers

Knowing the market for antique jewelry means knowing your buyers. This entails much more than typing “antique jewelry buyers near me” into Google. It means knowing about the likes, dislikes, and tendencies of people who are interested in antique jewelry.

Google results

If you are just not sure what kinds of people are usually looking to buy antique jewelry, spend some time online. There are message boards, blogs, and other things devoted to any hobby you can think of, and buying and selling antique jewelry is no exception. Read these sites and you will begin to get a picture of your buyers: what they look for, what they don’t like, what they want when they are purchasing jewelry. You may even find someone who is looking for something exactly like what you are selling.

Know the market

Aside from knowing the people who buy your product, you should know the market overall. Is there a lot of fluctuation, or do prices tend to remain static over time? If there are changes in the market, can you see a pattern? Perhaps prices go up around Christmas due to increased demand? Perhaps they drop off right after Christmas as people try to unload unwanted gifts?

changing market trends)

Learning about the market for antique jewelry will help you to time your offering. You don’t want to put up an ad at a time when prices are only going down. So, spend some time and learn about what you can expect the market to do.

Know the value of your pieces

Finally, you really need to know what you’re selling. If you have some jewelry that is extremely valuable, you don’t want to end up letting it go for next to nothing. On the other hand, if your jewelry isn’t worth as much as you wish it was, you don’t want to drive away buyers by demanding an unreasonably high price.

antique jewelry buyers

To figure out how much your pieces are worth, the best thing to do is go have them appraised. It will cost you a few bucks, but the information will be well worth it. One suggestion, though: make sure you tell the appraiser (before he or she looks at the jewelry) that you won’t be selling it to him or her. Otherwise, he or she might be tempted to give you a lowball value in the hopes of scoring a great deal.

By following these tips, you can help make your online jewelry selling experience a great one. There is money to be made in the world of selling jewelry on the Internet; you just need to do the legwork to get ready.

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