What You Need To Know to Get The Most For Your Diamonds, Gold, and Jewelry?

Do you have antique, vintage, or estate jewelry that you are ready to sell? You’ve likely held onto your pieces for some time, so you’ll want to get the most for your collection. While a professional is your best resource for determining how to price your pieces, there are a few things that can help ensure you are getting the best possible return.

Jewelry Style

Jewelry is an industry driven by style. Some styles are classic and will stay around for decades – even centuries – while others come and go in a matter of months. Estate jewelry that is out of style won’t necessarily command a premium price. Some styles are so out of favor that the only value of a piece will be its intrinsic worth – the value of the metal itself and any gemstones the piece might contain.

The 4 Cs of Diamonds

A diamond’s value is based on several factors, and industry professionals use a set of guidelines which can establish the exact desirability and quality of a diamond. According to the Gemological Institute of America, these guidelines – or the 4 Cs – are the basis for estimating diamond value and include:

  •   Cut
  •   Color
  •   Clarity
  •   Carat

Karat Stamps

When determining the price for a piece of jewelry, it is important to search for a karat stamp. This is normally found on the inner surface of a ring or by the clasp of a bracelet or necklace. If a stamp shows 24-karat gold, your piece is pure and likely worth nearly the current price of the metal. More than likely, your piece will be 14-karat gold, which means it is about 58% pure. You’ll need almost twice as much weight in order to receive the same gold content and value.

If you can’t find a stamp, it may mean that your item isn’t gold. In other cases, the piece may have been cleaned, filed, and sized so much that the stamp has worn away, which is especially true of old, antique pieces. Fortunately, you can quickly determine if it an item is gold by exposing it to a household magnet. Gold isn’t magnetic, so if the item sticks, you likely don’t have a gold piece.

Get a Professional Opinion

If you have estate jewelry or antique jewelry that you want to sell, it is important that you consult with a professional before you accept an offer. A jeweler might be able to tell you the value of your piece, but many won’t offer you cash for your piece. Instead, they’ll offer a trade-in in the hopes that you become a customer. Auction houses may be able to provide you an estimate, and you can do research online to find out more about your individual piece.

At Sarasota Antique Buyers, we have the expertise that you need to value your diamond, gold, and jewelry collection. We’ll provide you with a value estimate of what we believe your items would sell for at auction. If you are ready to sell, we will place a bid just under that valuation, giving you money in your pocket right away.

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