“Who Buys Antiques Near Me?” Discover the Best Antique Buyers Near You

Regardless of if it’s a prized piece of jewelry you have finally decided to let go of or some art your distant relative left you, when you’re going to sell antiques, you’ll want to get the best return for it.

Local antique buyers come a dime a dozen. You are likely to find tons of antique dealers in Sarasota, Florida (or wherever you live). Sifting out the ones who will give you the best price is key. Here’s how to find the best local antique buyers that you can trust, not only to be reputable, but to give you the best price for your wares as well.

Antique Buyers Florida

Local Antique Buyers

These days, many individuals go online to sell antiques. Many still prefer to deal with local antique buyers, however. If you want to sell antiques the old-fashioned way – person to person, there are some things you’ll need to know in order to get the most money for your treasure.

Who Buyes Antiques Near Me?

Before you can find the best buyer in your area, you’ll need a list of all the local antique buyers so you can narrow it down. In order to do that, go online and conduct a search for “antique dealers in Sarasota, Florida” (or type in the city in which you live).

Once you have gotten a list of the results, take a good look at it. Do any of the companies and/or individuals who sell antiques in your area stand out to you? Maybe you are selling vintage jewelry from the Civil War era and one of the buyers mentions they specialize in exactly that. If so, you’ll want to give special consideration to that buyer. Or, maybe you’ve heard good things about one of the local buyers. In that event, add that buyer to your list.

When you’ve compiled a list of the buyers who you think are your prime choices, contact each of them. If things go well with the phone or email contact, pursue a meeting in person in which to get an appraisal and/or offer for your antique. It’s wise to set up more than one so you can compare them.

If you feel uneasy when you go to meet an antique buyer, don’t proceed. You should never be pressured or be made to feel belittled. On the other hand, if you feel a bond with one of the dealers, you may have met your match. It’s nice to have a “go to” dealer you can trust.

Antique Collectors

There are professionals who sell antiques for a living and then there are antique collectors. Both are potential buyers for your vintage item. A collector may offer you more money if you have an item they are collecting that has been difficult to find or that holds special sentimental value for them. So, don’t discount contacting antique collectors in your area as well.

Things to Remember When Selling Antiques

When selling your antiques, be sure you only deal with buyers who have built trust with other buyers. Search for “antique buyers near me” to get a local list. Read reviews about the buyer, especially from third parties. Note how long the buyer has been in business and see the length of time they’ve been around your area. It never hurts to check the Better Business Bureau for complaints too. Then, see what feeling you get about the antique collectors or antique buyers when you make contact with them.

By following the suggestions in this article, you’ll have the best chance of finding the best buyer in your local area who will give you the most optimal price for your antique.

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