Is there a “best season” for buying and selling antiques and collectibles?

If you’ve been in the antique and collectibles business for a while, you’ve probably noticed that there’s an ebb and flow to it. We buy antique collectibles, and we’ve come to understand that there are some months that are simply better for buying than others. This isn’t always the case—you can find amazing antiques at any point of the year. It’s also true that trends do change. Overall, though, collectors have noticed that there are peak buying and selling times throughout the year.

buying and selling antiques


The Holiday Season

Just like any other industry, the holiday season is a time for antique buyers to get some great deals. Places often offer holiday specials between the middle of October up to the week before Christmas. Antiques and collectibles make for unique gifts, and many shoppers are looking to buy during this time of year.

The Post-Holiday Slump

On the other hand, you’ll find that January and February are fairly slow months for antique buyers online. Most people are tapped out of extra money from buying holiday gifts, so they aren’t making as many non-essential purchases. In areas where the winter weather is especially bad, many people stay off the roads whenever possible. They don’t want to deal with the ice or snow. With fewer people in antique stores, there are fewer sales.

Heat Has an Effect, Too

Buying Antiques

Even the best places to sell antiques will notice a decline during the hottest months of the year. July to August is usually seen as another slow period. Again, there are a few different reasons for this. The extreme heat in some areas will keep people indoors as much as possible. For parents of school-age children, these months cover summer vacation. It’s hard for them to visit antique shops if they have their kids along. They’re also getting ready to make large back-to-school purchases.

The spring is usually considered a much better time to buy and sell antiques. Expect to see a strong market in May and June.

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