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What the Antique Dealer Doesn’t Want You? Know from Our Experts

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When you’re considering selling your antique gold and silver, you probably do a little bit of research to learn more about the market and the pieces you have. It’s great to be informed, but not every antique dealer would agree. Some try to keep a few little secrets from their customers. If you’re going to […]

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The History of Tiffany & Co. | Everything You Want to Know Tiffany & Co.

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Charles Tiffany was born February 15, 1812 in Killingly, Connecticut. About 25 years later, in 1837, Charles Tiffany and John Young, and later in 1841, they added J.L.. Ellis as a partner, began Tiffany, Young and Ellis in Lower Manhattan. That company at the time was founded at first to sell fancy goods and stationery. […]

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Is Your Oriental Antique Furniture Authentic or Fake?

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Oriental antique furniture has an ornate beauty and history that can become the centerpiece of a room in your Orlando home or complement an existing theme perfectly. There are a variety of styles, and each has distinctive features. If you are in the market for Oriental furniture, you should never purchase a piece if you […]

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