Is Your Oriental Antique Furniture Authentic or Fake?

Oriental antique furniture has an ornate beauty and history that can become the centerpiece of a room in your Orlando home or complement an existing theme perfectly. There are a variety of styles, and each has distinctive features. If you are in the market for Oriental furniture, you should never purchase a piece if you are unsure of its authenticity or value.

To help you take a deeper look into the piece that is interesting to you, we would like to bring your attention upon two major design aspects usually found in authentic Oriental antique furniture.

Symmetry- Take a look at the symmetry of the pieces you examine and be wary of ones that look too perfect. Keep in mind that pieces that were handcrafted may have an uneven joinery. Symmetric, precise cuts are usually a sign that some sort of machinery was used during the creation process. A nick or cut in the wood is actually a sign of handmade authenticity. Remember, a rare antique will not be perfect because it was not produced by modern machines, examine a piece with the help of a professional and be attentive to detail.

Finish – It is important to identify the finish on a piece because this is a key factor in determining the date it was made. Until the mid-1800s, shellac was the only clear finish that had been developed in addition to oil or wax. For this reason, you need to be wary if a piece looks like it may be finished with varnish or lacquer; as this is a common sign of manufactured item. If you cannot test a finish, inspect with the help of a professional who would know the difference by sight.

Antique furniture appraisal

If you have acquired a piece of Oriental antique furniture that you would like appraised by a professional or if we can answer any further questions you may have on a piece you are interested in, call us today in Orlando at 941-373-1234. With over 22 years of experience identifying and appraising historical works, as well as our extensive network of collectors, auction houses, and even restoration services, we will be able to help you receive the highest price for your items.

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