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How To Deal With Antique Furniture- A Buyer’s Guide

Antique is a treasure word, which describes rare collectibles that are highly valuable because of their age. Ancient furniture are still glowing with the same sparkle and interest in the eyes of people. Many individuals are fond of old things like, dining tables, showcases, beds, drawers, and love to decorate their homes with such wonderful […]

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The History of Gorham Silver Co.

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Gorham Silver Co. is one of the largest American manufacturers of sterling and silverplate. It’s long history and beautiful pieces make it one of the most well-known manufacturers in the entire world. It’s resume of historic commissions and recognition in notable events around the world are as interesting as they are impressive. Gorham’s Start Jabez […]

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History Of Gorham Silver Marks

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Knowing when you have Gorham Silver- The Gorham Manufacturing Company is one of America’s largest manufacturers of silver-plate and sterling pieces, along with a foundry for bronze sculpture. Gorham got its start in 1831 with Jabez Gorham in partnership with Henry Webster. The two founded the silver company in Gorham’s hometown of Providence, Rhode Island. […]

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Gorham’s Mythologigue Pattern

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Gorham’s Mythologigue pattern is a specific sterling silver flatware pattern with designs that have derived from ancient Greek mythology. The sterling silver flatware pattern was first copyrighted in 1895 and was designed by F. Antoine Heller, who was one of Gorham’s most famous designers. The entire Mythologigue collection consists of a total of 72 unique […]

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An Interesting Facts About Alloyed Metals- Argentium And Sterling Silver

Looking for a silver jewelry or silverware? Here is something new for you to learn about. We are talking about the similar looking silver-types, Argentium and sterling, which have major distinctions that make them beautiful in their own way. However, they also have major benefits to discuss in detail, and we always love to purchase […]

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