Selling Your Antique Estate Items in Florida – Is Florida the Best Place to Sell All Your Items?

The State of Florida is an antique lover’s paradise. For collectors, there are plenty of antique shops in every city and town that offer a variety of unique treasures. Likewise, if you are ready to sell your antiques, you have plenty of potential buyers in the state that are looking for what you have to offer. If you have a collection that you are ready to sell, check out these resources to get the most value for your items.

Florida Estate Liquidators

A private estate sale may be the best way to liquidate a large antique collection, especially if you plan to downsize and need to get rid of a lot of things. These sales are also a good option for selling household goods and other personal items, and a Florida estate liquidation company can help you with your sale.

Auction Houses

Any item can be sold at an auction, and it is a great forum for rare and high-end antiques. This is also a great option for antique collections, which are more valuable when they are sold together rather than broken up. Benefits of auction houses include a large buyer base, professional marketing of the sale, and expert opinions on how to value your items.


While an auction house is a great option in many cases, they do have some shortcomings. Your items
could go unsold if there isn’t any interest, and you’ll have to pay sellers fees. Additional costs like photograph, reserve, and transportation fees might also be applied.

Consignment Shops

Consignment is when you place your antique estate items up for sale in a store so that they can be sold for you. Many antique stores take items on consignment rather than buying them outright. Consignment fees usually apply, which can range from 10% to 30% of the final sale price. Besides helping out local consignment shops, you’ll also be sure to have targeted buyers. However, items on consignment usually take a while to sell, which might not be a good option if you need money right away.


Online Auctions

If you are in Florida, but want to extend your sale to collectors outside of your general vicinity, you might want to do an online auction. Websites like eBay have been around since the early 90s, and while all types of antiques and collectibles can be sold, it isn’t recommended that you sell high-end items here. On the plus side, online auctions usually lead to a fast sale, and you’ll be paid for your items quite quickly.


Florida Antique Dealers

Antique dealers like Sarasota Antique Buyers are a great option for selling your items in Florida. We will evaluate your collection to provide you with the value they would likely sell for at auction. If you are ready to sell, we will place a bid just under that number. The end result is a quick sale for you that puts money in your pocket.


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