Top Secret Hacks to Make Money from Selling Small Ticket Antique Items

From antique buyers in person and online to flea markets and sterling flatware buyers, the way antiques are bought and sold is changing and if you have small ticket antiques to sell, you’re in luck. Read on to find out how to make big money in today’s market.

Learn More About Your Product

The more you know about your antique item, the more you’ll be able to ask for it. Does it have a story behind it? Where was it made…and when? Learning about your item increases your return and will help you figure out the value of it as well.

We Buy Antique Silver

If you are selling antique silver, your best shot is to do an online search for “we buy antique silver” as well as “we buy sterling silver”. The results will show online sources of sterling flatware buyers and antique flatware buyers in both physical locations and online. You can check out both types and see what the best fit for your situation is.

Antique buyers who work online make selling your wares convenient and also gives you more options. Do use caution, however. Check for length of time in online presence and look for verifiable references. For sterling flatware buyers in person, you’ll want them to be local and to have verifiable references as well.

Antique Flatware Buyers at Flea Markets

While antique buyers are typically selling their wares at flea markets, you can also walk up to their booths and sell to them. This is especially helpful if you are dealing with just one or two pieces. You can find the buyers by searching online or in a phone book for “we buy sterling silver” or “we buy antique silver”. Many will divulge what flea market they sell at or, you can contact them and ask. Another way to find flea market antique buyers in to go up to a flea market that sells antiques and just visit the booths. By selling directly to the antique buyers, you eliminate middle-man fees.

Online Platforms of Antique Buyers

A gold mine today is selling you antiques to sterling flatware buyers online. There are several ways to go about doing so. You can sell through a platform, such as eBay or Etsy, and sell your piece. You will most likely be charged a seller’s fee and will be responsible to ship the item so charge accordingly. On online platforms, you can sell for more so it can be a good outlet regardless of the extra expenses as long as you mark your price up to cover the costs.

Another online option is to find antique flatware buyers who buy online. Some have services set up on individual sites so you can read up on the exact services they offer and their method of doing business as well as check out their reviews. Typically, you’ll do bartering through photographs of you antique item and by answering some questions. Past that, be sure not to let go of your item without a guarantee that you’ll get paid.

Vintage Shops that Are Sterling Flatware Buyers

When searching for “we buy sterling silver”, it’s a good idea to see if there are any vintage shops that come up. If so, visit the local ones and talk about selling your item. Since vintage shops sell directly to the public, you’ll eliminate selling fees and have a good chance to make more profit.

Finding Antique Buyers

Antiquing today offers some great avenues due to the availability of information online and the access to find out where to sell independently as well. By using the resources available to you, you can not only increase your chances of selling your antique item but you increase the amount you are likely to make from it as well.

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