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  • Jun 04 / 2019
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What Makes Certain Antique Paintings Valuable–or Worthless?

If there is one thing that antique painting buyers often ask themselves, it is this: What is it that makes certain antique paintings valuable and others worthless? Whether you are looking for the best place to sell paintings in order to turn a profit on paintings you’ve acquired or you work for a “we buy antique painting” service that is on the lookout for valuable new items to add to the store, consider the following guide to identifying valuable antique paintings versus worthless clutter.


Is the painting a genuine piece?

Perhaps the most obvious quality that impacts an antique painting’s value is its authenticity. Is the painting a genuine work from a certain artist? Or is it a copy?

Determining the authenticity can be difficult if you aren’t an expert, but look for key factors such as the availability of a signature (and a comparison of the signature with a verified signature from that artist); as well as examining the painting to see if it’s been actually painted. Feeling the surface of the painting for the right textures–versus the smooth textures found in prints and modern forgery paintings–can also help you determine a painting’s authenticity. You should also look for “modern” touches such as staples, plastic frames, or perfectly even canvas edges. These are all signs that the painting is a modern copy.

Who created the painting?

If the painting is genuine and not a modern print or copy, the next influence on the value is the artist who created the painting. Is the signature on the painting legible? How well-known was the artist? Was the artist’s work valuable during their lifetime? The more you are able to find out about the artist, the better. You should research the author’s name on various auction sites to see if any hits come up; from there, you should be able to see the previous auction prices of sold listings. This will help give you an idea of the overall worth of the paintings you’ve acquired.

A note on identifying an artist: Don’t dismiss an artist, simply because they aren’t famous names like Van Gogh or Lebrun—even the work by lesser known artists can be valuable to the right buyer!

What is the quality and condition of the painting?

The quality of the actual painting as well as its current condition can also have a significant impact on how many antique paintings sell for on the market. Paintings that are in excellent condition sell for more than paintings in poor condition, naturally—but you shouldn’t discount the importance of the painting quality and subject, either. As a general rule of thumb, portraits and landscapes both sell very well due to the popularity of these two genres in the antique painting market.

With the above factors in mind, you’ll be on your way to better identifying the value of antique paintings than ever before.

  • Mar 22 / 2018
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Is there a “best season” for buying and selling antiques and collectibles?

If you’ve been in the antique and collectibles business for a while, you’ve probably noticed that there’s an ebb and flow to it. We buy antique collectibles, and we’ve come to understand that there are some months that are simply better for buying than others. This isn’t always the case—you can find amazing antiques at any point of the year. It’s also true that trends do change. Overall, though, collectors have noticed that there are peak buying and selling times throughout the year.

buying and selling antiques


The Holiday Season

Just like any other industry, the holiday season is a time for antique buyers to get some great deals. Places often offer holiday specials between the middle of October up to the week before Christmas. Antiques and collectibles make for unique gifts, and many shoppers are looking to buy during this time of year.

The Post-Holiday Slump

On the other hand, you’ll find that January and February are fairly slow months for antique buyers online. Most people are tapped out of extra money from buying holiday gifts, so they aren’t making as many non-essential purchases. In areas where the winter weather is especially bad, many people stay off the roads whenever possible. They don’t want to deal with the ice or snow. With fewer people in antique stores, there are fewer sales.

Heat Has an Effect, Too

Buying Antiques

Even the best places to sell antiques will notice a decline during the hottest months of the year. July to August is usually seen as another slow period. Again, there are a few different reasons for this. The extreme heat in some areas will keep people indoors as much as possible. For parents of school-age children, these months cover summer vacation. It’s hard for them to visit antique shops if they have their kids along. They’re also getting ready to make large back-to-school purchases.

The spring is usually considered a much better time to buy and sell antiques. Expect to see a strong market in May and June.

  • Dec 18 / 2017
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Trading Antiques & Keepsakes: What you need to know before hand

Thinking about getting into the antiques trade? For some, it becomes a fun hobby that they make some money from. For others, it becomes a full-time job or becomes their job following retirement. No matter why you want to get into selling antiques & collectibles, there are a few things you should know before you jump into the world of buying, selling, and trading antiques and keepsakes.


You Won’t Get Rich Fast

If you’re looking for a side job that will let you quit your full-time job within a few months, you’re looking in the wrong place. While it’s true you may eventually reach the point where you can buy and sell antiques as your job, it won’t be overnight. While it’s true that some antique buyers do make huge sales, those are often the exception rather than the norm. For every sale you have that’s several thousand dollars, you’ll likely have many, many more that are much less.

buy and sell antiques

Be Careful Specialized in High-End Items Only

Some people might think that they will simply focus only on high-end items so that every sale is at least several hundred dollars. There are a few things to be careful about here. First, expect to invest a lot more upfront in buying antiques. Many people know what their items are worth and won’t let them go for next to nothing. Also realise that high-end collectors are a fairly small niche. Most people can afford to purchase small antiques from time to time. Few, though, can afford to spend thousands every month.

Antique Clock

Explore Your Local Antiques Scene

Do you know where the best place to sell antiques in your area is? It helps to check out the local scene so you know where you’re likely to find good deals and where you can sell the items you find. You may want to work online, but that also involves doing a little bit of research. Some people assume eBay is the play to buy and sell, but there may be other auction sites out there that are better for the specific items you’re trading.

Local Antiques Scene

Be Ready to Put in the Time

One fact about keepsake and antiques buyers and sellers is that they have to put in the time learning about the items they’re trading. This involves learning how to identify different styles and types of antiques. You want to know the major manufacturers, designers, and artists in the antiques niche you’re invested in. Most dealers don’t simply purchase every type of antique they come across—they specialize. You’ll likely want to do that just because it makes it easier to learn about the antiques.

antiques buyers

You’ll also need to keep up with the market. This means learning about which antiques are selling well and which aren’t. Like any market, there will be ups and downs. Some designs or styles that are popular now may not be so popular in a few months. Keep up with the trends so you know what to buy and how to price the items you’re selling.

By following these tips, you can enter into the antiques market a little more prepared than others. That, in turn, will help you spend your money more wisely.

  • Dec 06 / 2017
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Other than Selling, What Good Are Artifacts for?

If you’ve collected artifacts, antiques, and other objects, you may have done so with the intent of selling them. But what if that’s not your plan at all? There are many ancient artifacts out there that look amazing, and you may not want to sell them at all. If you don’t sell them, what else can you do with them? There are actually a number of things you can do with these items.


Decorate Your Home

Many people collect antiques and other artifacts for their own personal decoration. They love how these antique artifacts look, so they collect as many of them as they can. Some focus on particular artifacts such as ancient coins, while others may collect anything that catches their eye or that they’re interested in. Some purchase mostly small artifacts that aren’t that rare, while others may want to invest in the rarer and more expensive items.

antiques and other artifacts

It’s a Fun Hobby

For some people, owning the artifact is actually not their main goal. They love the thrill of learning about each artifact, carefully tracing its route from where it originated to where they found it, and even hunting for specific artifacts they have read about. They’re something like modern-day treasure hunters, searching for specific artifacts to purchase. For these individuals, it’s the journey that they’re really invested in. Owning the artifact is, of course, a nice ending to that journey, but even if they don’t end up finding what they want, they’ve still enjoyed the search.

Looking for specific artifacts

They’re an Investment

The reason some ancient artifact buyers want to purchase the rarest items they can find is because they’re making investments. They plan on holding on to these artifacts for quite some time and then may sell them later. Others plan on leaving these items to their children. They know that they or their descendants will have these rare items on hand if things get particularly bad financially. They’re a long-term safety net.


They Plan on Donating Them

Some people look for artifacts to purchase and later donate to a museum or other organization. Some of the most famous artifacts in history were purchased by individuals and included in their private collections until they made the decision to donate them. In fact, this is how many museums built up their collections. Some people donate their artifacts while they’re still alive. Others leave their collections to a museum when they die. In many cases, donating these items does provide the individual or their estate with a tax write-off.

antique artifacts

Artifacts can provide important historical lessons or show how things were once done. In many cases, people want to share these artifacts with others. Even those who don’t want to permanently donate their collection may loan their antique artifacts to museums or other organizations for display. This lets them share the items they’ve painstakingly hunted down without actually giving them away. Many people who love hunting for artifacts later do donate them or loan them out. Some even make it their mission to find specific artifacts for museums.

  • Jul 04 / 2017
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Finding Value: Important Tips When Buying Vintage and Antique at Estate Sales

Estate sales are a great place to find valuable antiques and collectibles, often at affordable prices. Some homeowners might not know exactly how valuable an item is, while others price vintage and antique items at rock-bottom prices to simply sell them as quickly as possible. If you are looking to add to your antique collection, consider a few helpful tips before you head out to your next estate sale.

Research the Estate Sale Ahead of Time

If you have a specific item that you are looking for, such as vintage estate jewelry, researching antique estate sales ahead of time can be beneficial. There are many online resources that will provide a synopsis of what you’ll find at the sale. This way, you’ll know which sales are worth your time and which you can pass up.

Estate Sale

Check for a Hallmark

Many antiques, including antique jewelry and silver pieces, contain a maker’s hallmark somewhere on the piece. If you are interested in an item that is said to have been made before the 1950s, you should always check for some type of mark, such as the initials of the maker. If you have your smartphone with you, do a quick check online to look for examples of well-known antique jeweler hallmarks to see if any of them match. These resources are also helpful to see if you are getting a good price before your purchase.


Don’t Purchase a Piece with Flaws

If you notice that a piece that interests you is flawed with breaks or chips, it may not be something that can be repaired. While it might be disappointing, you should seriously consider leaving the item behind. It may not be worth your time, money, or energy to repair the item. Of course, there are always a few exceptions to the rule – a beautiful Herman Miller lounge chair that simply needs a few screws to return it to like-new condition will definitely be worth your while.


Don’t Purchase a Piece with Flaws

Get a Professional Opinion

In an estate sale, the best items will likely be sold quite quickly, so it might not always be feasible to take your time in making a purchase. However, if you don’t feel rushed in your decision, you may want to consult with a professional appraiser or antique dealer to get an idea on the value of an item. At Sarasota Antique Buyers, we can provide a market analysis of what an antique would sell for at an auction, which can tell you if you are getting a good deal.


Pic of vase


Should you choose to buy an antique and then want to sell it, we are proud to offer some of the best vintage estate deals. We’ll place a bid just under our market analysis pricing, allowing you to make a profit on your antiques and return home with money in your pocket.