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Do you have antiques laying around your house that you don’t need anymore? How about some ideas for unique and unforgettable gifts this year? It’s time that you considered checking out some antiques or, the holiday season is a great time to sell the antiques that you don’t use. People are searching for the perfect gifts and if you have any of these antique sterling sets at hand right now that you don’t use any longer, now is the time to sell for a great price!

Perfect for a cooking enthusiast:

An antique enthusiast and a chef? There is no better way to win them over this year with the perfect new antiques for their collection that also make a great new item for their kitchen. if you are looking for a great gift for a cook, there are a couple of options that are a great fit.


Sterling Carving and Flatware Sets

1) Sterling Carving Sets


A sterling carving set is definitely a crucial piece for a good chef to have in the kitchen. When it comes time to slice the turkey, steak, or ham, your chef needs the best tools to put together the meal that they have worked so hard to prepare.

2) Sterling Flatware Sets


How does a great chef get their amazing food into the mouths of the people that they cooked for? Your friends need forks, knives, and spoons in order to eat the delicious food that the chef prepared. Sterling flatware sets are a great addition to round out the meal.

Perfect for the party thrower:

There are some people who have definitely perfected the art of throwing a party. Those people are the ones who you can always count on for a good time whenever you get invited to the party that they throw. To help with their next great party, they should have some antiques on hand.

Sterling puch bowl and cup

1) Sterling Punch Bowl


No party is complete without a great drink for everyone to enjoy. The sterling punch bowl is the perfect addition to any party and provides your guests with the chance to have a great beverage. Sterling punch bowls are beautiful, large sterling silver pieces that can add great flair to a party.

2) Sterling Mint Julep Cups


While a sterling punch bowl is definitely needed for a party thrower, sterling mint julep cups are needed just as much. Sterling mint julep cups are perfect to serve, mint juleps of course, and many other drinks that are tasty enough to be served in a unique cup.

Perfect for the newlyweds:

These days, newlyweds have registries that allow them to make lists of all of the gifts that they know they want and need for their home. The best way to give newlyweds what they need is to give them something that they wouldn’t expect they needed.


Sterling Salt and Pepper Cruets

1) Sterling Salt and Pepper Cruets

Nearly every wedding registry has salt and pepper shakers on it. Trying to get the bride and groom something that they wouldn’t expect can be challenging. Sterling salt and pepper cruets are a great gift to add to the newlyweds home. While classic salt and pepper shakers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs, sterling salt and pepper cruets are classic collectibles necessary in any home.

2) Sterling Tea Sets

Sterling tea sets are a necessary staple of every home and absolutely necessary for newlyweds. After a formal meal, and everyone has gathered around, digesting their food, warm drinks are definitely needed. Serving warm, post-dinner drinks in best served sterling tea sets is a necessary addition for the collection and entertainment of newlyweds.

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