Antiques Roadshow in Florida

Antiques Roadshow is a popular show that travels around the United States to appraise antiques and collectibles brought in by members of the public. When attending an Antiques Roadshow event, it is important to note that tickets are required for entry and that they are typically distributed through a random drawing process. Additionally, there are restrictions on the types and number of items that can be brought in for appraisal.

At Sarasota Antique Buyers, we’re always excited when the Antiques Roadshow is nearby. In 2005 the show started its 10th tour right here in Tampa, and in the years following has made a stop in two other major Florida cities as well. In 2010 the show came to sunny Miami Beach, and 2013 found them farther north in Jacksonville, FL. So needless to say we were quite disappointed when it was discovered the tour wasn’t traveling anywhere near us this year- their closest stop a hearty 2 day drive away. But they’ve still yet to announce the locations and dates of next year’s tour, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed that 2015 will see them right around the corner.

About the Antiques Roadshow

Since 1997, dealers, collectors, and historical enthusiasts have traveled to major cities across the country in search of undiscovered treasure. People gather from all around to hear stories of items long-lost in attics or basements, family heirlooms that have been passed down for generations, and whimsical garage sale finds. Some attendants arrive with a rough idea of the value of their piece, while others come with only a hope that what they have might be worth at least as much as they paid for it.

The show has featured items from almost every era and culture, including ancient Asian figurines, fine art paintings, sterling silver tea sets, and antique clocks. Some attendees have had the misfortune to discover they paid far more than their item was worth, while others have experienced the elation of possessing artifacts worth millions.

Tampa Antique Buyers

So why do we get so excited about the roadshow being nearby? As the best antique dealers in Tampa, we love to attend at least one stop on the tour every year. The AR gathers homeowners, enthusiasts, and collectors to share little pieces of history with one another. It’s a great time and place to see some amazing things, and a great motivation for people to finally get their old keepsakes out of the attic and to an appraiser. The event also brings together Tampa residents and does a fantastic job of spreading the joy of collecting and learning about human history.

Even though the Antiques Roadshow might not be in town again for some time, if you have any items that you’re interested in selling, you can still get a free market analysis by contacting us today.

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