Exploring The Price Tags Of The Most Expensive Silverware In History

Silver is the most sought-after and oldest precious metal in history. Its invention was done around 3000 B.C., but there are no records of who discovered it. The name silver was derived from the Anglo-Saxon name ‘siolfur.’ No one knew, this sparking silver metal would make a huge impact by being helpful for mankind in many different ways.

In earlier times, the use of silver started with the crafting of jewelry, household items, & weapons for personal use. Among many man-made flatware items, a few antique silverware items became popular & set a world record for being the most expensive silverware in the world.

To never miss a chance of grabbing the opportunity of owning such rare silverware, we’ve brought those items to light, let’s roll out…

Most Expensive Silverware In History

Unbelievable Price Tags Of Sterling Silver Flatware That Created History

There are 5 most expensive & stunning antique silverware that shocked everyone with their record-breaking style. Let’s not waste time and get directly to the point.

#5 Richard and Alice Brackett Silver Cup

John Hull and Robert Sanderson Sr. of Boston collaboratively custom-crafted a beautiful silver cup in 1660. It was owned by a Boston couple Richard & Alice Bracket. The rare cup was purely made with Pilgrim centurial silver metal.
The pilgrim silver made flatware was auctioned by Sotheby’s in the year 2001 worth $775,750.

#4 Great Silver Wine Cistern

The wine cooler was beautifully hand-made by an artisan Philip Rollo around 1706 and 1711. It’s a silverware which is used to cool alcohol & wine. The iconic wine cistern weighs 168 pounds & was sold in auction at $3.8 million.

#3 Ancient American Punch Silver Bowl

Invented in the early 1700s by Cornelius Kierstede in New york. The bowl’s carving technique was amazing which showed the real beauty of the piece. It weighed over 4.4 pounds & was auctioned at Sotheby’s auction in 2010 worth $5.5 million. It was previously owned by Commodore Joshua Loring, & currently a New York dealer named S.J Shrubsole owns it.

#2 George II Silver Coffee Pot 

Crafted or hallmarked by one of the greatest silversmiths in the town; Paul De Lamarie in the year 1744. It is made with sterling silver featuring a lid with plan body, wooden handle, reed borders, & well-carved spout, weighing 27.1 troy ounces. In the year 2013, Christie’s London held an auction to sell this Rocco coffee pot. The bid value of sterling silver flatware stopped at $7 million.

#1 German Soup Tureen

Taking you back in history, when French King Louis XV used to have his soup in this German Tureen. It was hand-crafted by a famous & intelligent Parisian silversmith named Thomas German in the year 1744.

The value was defined by the sterling silverware pattern of flora & fauna carved on the soup tureen. However, in 1996, Sotheby’s New York auctioned it & hit the hammer at $10 million. German Soup Tureen is history’s most expensive flatware to explore!

Winding Up!

All the silver collectors out there! So, these are the top valuable silver flatware that are making everyone jaw-drop with their beauty & the price tag.

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