Modern Furniture – What is it and who wants it?

When we’re talking about Modern Furniture, we are not necessarily talking about your last trip to Ikea. The modern art movement in the late 19th century may have started with painters and sculpturers who pushed away from the aesthetic of more traditional styles in favor of expression and abstraction beyond realistic representation but it didn’t end there. Minimalism was another style that made it’s debut during this time.

A wide range of new styles that emerged in art during this time, and whenever a movement this large happens one cannot think of the wide range of new approaches as randomly occurring. They were all part of a larger aesthetic ideology that society was reacting to. Furniture design was not an exception to this reaction.

Original modern furniture was extremely popular at the time and is even more so today. Especially Italian and Danish designs and the work of certain designers, such as: Paul McCobb, Dorothy Draper, Mario Bellini, Herman Miller, etc…

To give you an idea of the aesthetic change, take a look at these two examples for comparison:

where to sell modern furniture in FL

On the left you have an example of a 19th century guilt center table. Designs are very ornate and regal. On the right is a coffee table by Mario Bellini. The design is simple and elegant. Modern furniture started using new materials such as mahogany, bronze, teak, and so on. You can see how styles started falling in line with the abstract aesthetic of the time.

Original modern furniture is more popular than ever. Buyers of modern furniture are always looking for new pieces whether they’re more sleek, simple and classic, or draw from more bizarre inspirations from the Art Deco and, of course, that classic post-war aesthetic of the 1940’s and 50’s.

Because some of these items carry real value to certain collectors, it’s always best to consult a professional. You can easily find modern and antique furniture appraisals online. I offer free appraisals to anyone in the state of Florida and have been doing so for decades. If you are interested in contacting me for an appraisal, or have any questions regarding your pieces or where to sell modern furniture, I’m always happy to share my knowledge and expertise.

Items that tend to be more in demand than others are (but are not limited to):

Dining Tables, Sofas, Chests, Single or Sets of Chairs, Bookcases, Commodes, and Side Tables.

The best places to sell furniture online, generally speaking, is through a professional modern furniture dealer. You are likely to get the best price without the risk of taking your pieces to a potentially unrewarding auction.

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