How to Use Your Antiques This Holiday Season | Christmas | New Year’s

Planning the perfect holiday meal is a labor of love. Crafting a menu tailored to your guests’ tastes, navigating the grocery store aisles for ingredients, and meticulous preparation all culminate in a beautiful meal shared with loved ones. However, the significance of dishes and serving utensils in enhancing this dining experience often needs to be addressed. If you possess a china cabinet with exquisite dishes, tea sets, serving spoons, or flatware that have been stowed away since being passed down or received as wedding gifts, the holiday season offers the ideal opportunity to use or showcase them—or even pass them along to someone else to cherish. Here are ways to utilize your antiques this holiday season:

Sterling Silver Platters

The elegance of sterling silver platters adds a touch of sophistication to holiday gatherings. Serve hors d’oeuvres or drinks on these platters, giving your guests a refined experience.

Sterling Mint Julep Cups

Sterling Mint Julep Cups

Mint julep cups are a classic drink in the south that of course, holds the famous mint julep drink. Mint juleps are a mixed alcoholic drink, or cocktail, that consists of bourbon. Sometimes, the drink can have a different spirit in it. Mint juleps also have water, crushed or shaved ice, and fresh mint, mashed so that the mint is very evident in the drink. Because the drink is bourbon based, it is most commonly associated with the American South and the Kentucky Derby in particular. If you are serving a fancy and festive drink, or even a mint julep, you should definitely use your sterling mint julep cups instead of a plain glass or even a plastic cup.

Sterling Serving Spoons

Sterling Serving Spoons

Any dishes that you make on Christmas or for any other holiday or special occasion over the winter, may consist of something like a soup, warm casserole or pasta dish which is just too messy to use your hands or a fork. If that is the case, a set of beautiful sterling silver spoons is a great way to serve those dishes with extra class to make the special occasion even more special. Make sure that you have enough sterling serving spoons for each of the dishes that you plan to serve.

Sterling Punch Bowls

Sterling silver bowl


As a reputable Sarasota antique buyer, we specialize in evaluating and purchasing various sterling pieces. Please bring your sterling antique collectibles for an appraisal to learn more about their value and history.

Additionally, here are suggestions for incorporating your antiques into specific holiday celebrations:


1. Antique Christmas Ornaments: Use delicate antique ornaments to adorn your Christmas tree, adding a nostalgic charm to the decorations.

2. Vintage Table Settings: Enhance the Christmas dinner table with antique dishes, teacups, and flatware paired with festive linens for an elegant dining experience.

3. Antique Candle Holders: Illuminate your home with candles in antique holders, creating a cozy ambiance for Christmas gatherings.

4. Holiday Centerpieces: Display seasonal flowers, pinecones, or ornaments in antique bowls or vases as stunning table centerpieces.

5. Family Heirlooms: Showcase cherished family heirlooms like antique stockings or vintage nativity sets, honoring sentimental traditions.

New Year’s Eve:

1. Champagne Flutes: Toast the New Year with elegant antique champagne flutes, adding sophistication to the celebration.

2. Vintage Barware: Serve cocktails in antique glassware or decanters, lending a stylish flair to your New Year’s drinks.

3. Decorative Clocks: Symbolize the countdown to midnight with antique clocks, which are functional yet decorative elements for the occasion.

4. Antique Party Trays: Use ornate antique serving trays for appetizers or hors d’oeuvres, contributing to the festive atmosphere.

5. Old-Fashioned Games: Set up an area with antique board games or playing cards for nostalgic and entertaining moments during the evening.

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