Where to Sell My Antique? Antique Dealers Near Me that Buy Antiques

If you are looking to sell your antique, not just any ‘ye-old’ place will do. You want to find the best places to sell antiques that you can trust to treat you fairly so you’ll get the most return for your treasure. Here are some tips that will help you narrow down the best of the best antique buyers.

Where Can I Sell My Antiques?

You can sell your antique and vintage items to antique shops. But, they may or may not be the best places to sell antiques unless you’re just wanting to get rid of them quickly and aren’t too concerned with how much you’re selling them for. Antique shops tend to take a wide variety of items rather than niche goods so what you are selling really makes a difference.


If you are more focused on profit or have extremely unique items, you may want to consider going with a professional antique buyer who is an expert in the industry. They are highly trained to spot pieces of value and are most likely to pay you what your antique is truly worth. Dealing with a professional antique buyer takes more time and patience, however. You will need to locate one and set up an appointment. All said and done, you will probably leave with more cash than you would from selling the same item to an antique or vintage store.

You can also sell your antiques independently at a flea market, online yard sale on a Facebook group, or an online retail platform such as Etsy, Ebay, ArtFire , or Bonanza . If you choose to sell your antique or collection of antiques on your own, you will need to do a good bit of research on what fees, if any, you will be required to pay and any other rules and regulations involved. You’ll also want to consider underlying expenses such as fuel to and from a flea market location or shipping fees. In the event, you choose to sell on an online yard sale or avenue such as Craigslist, do beware of the dangers of meeting up with strangers.

Professional Antique Buyers

Professional Antique Buyers

Professional antique buyers are definitely one of the more desirable sources for you to sell your antiques to. There are all types though. Some operate with the utmost integrity while others are out to take advantage of their buyers or totally rip them off. To separate the bad from the good, it’s wise to do some homework. Be sure the professional antique buyer you have in mind is well-established and that they have verifiable references from a third-party source. Also, make certain they have an online presence. Check to see if they have complaints registered with the Better Business Bureau too. You can’t be too safe so it is best to make the effort. It will pay off in the long run.

Once you sift out the bad and hook up with a reputable expert, you will benefit in many ways. The dealer can educate you on your item and make you an offer. You are under no obligation to take the offer and should never feel pressured. The ideal professional buyer will provide you with a reason to trust him or her which is likely to lead to you complete the sale and to return the next time you wish to sell an antique.

Local Antique Buyers

Local antique buyers add an extra edge to the advantages of doing business with professional antique buyers. Doing business close to home has multiple benefits. You don’t have to travel far to meet with the expert. You can ask friends, family, and others who are interested in antiques who they recommend in your vicinity. Plus, you can check the local buyer out by inquiring what businesses around them know or have heard about them. Last but not least, it’s easier to check references from the city because you are nearby.

Sarasota Antique Buyers

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