4 Tips for Managing Antique v/s Regular Wood Furniture

If you have antique furniture, you need to make sure you treat it with a little extra care. Managing antique furniture isn’t exactly the same as managing regular wooden furniture. If you don’t take care of your antiques, they will lose value. That can put a major dent in any plans you have of selling them. Here are four things you need to do differently when managing vintage furniture.

Keep it Safe from the Elements

The sealants and other modern techniques used in today’s wooden furniture keep it fairly protected from humidity, moisture, and other concerns. Antique/ vintage furniture, though, likely isn’t as protected. That means you need to make sure it’s not left out in the sun or exposed to extreme temperatures. Sudden shifts in temperature and humidity can also cause problems.

Use Murphy’s Oil

Most people use Murphy’s oil on their hardwood floors, but it also needs to be applied to furniture from time to time. It will clean the surface of the pieces without damaging them in any way. When you purchase antique furniture online, ask if the pieces have been recently cleaned. If not, it can be hard to judge their true condition.

Modern Furniture Cleaners Are Bad

With modern wooden furniture, you can simply spray it down with a cleaner to remove any spots or dirt. That’s not the case with antique furniture. The lemon oil, silicon, and other ingredients can damage your antiques. While it’s tempting to use the quick solution, it will diminish the value of your antiques.

Don’t Attempt Home Repairs

If your modern sofa or chair has a broken leg and you’re a Do-It-Yourself guru, you might repair it yourself. Don’t do this with antique furniture. Any repairs should be done by a professional who understands antiques and how to repair them.

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